Craft Robo GSD Card Shapes Files

The Craft Robo is a wonderful little machine that allows you to get specially created designs, or even your own designs, cut out without lifting a scisors or craft knife, which is great for people who may have problems with their hands.  My problems fluctuate so it’s nice to know that I can get something created even when my hands are too painful to do cutting out by hand.  A hand resting on the mouse and a few clicks and out pops a ready cut item.

The Craft Robo is what a well know TV channel calls a “considered purchase”, and comes in two styles for the crafter, the more expensive Craft Robo CC300-20 which allows for just cutting as well as for “Print & Cut” sheets to be cut out, and the Craft Robo Lite that only does cutting.

I’m slowly building up my colletion of Craft Robo .gsd files I’ve bought from CUP (to top up the free ones that are available).

As well as the intricate shapes that the Craft Robo can cut out, it can also cut out card shapes.  So if you want half a dozen step cards, you don’t need to measure, score and cut, six sheets to make what you need (or buy a pack of them), you can just open a file in the ROBO Master software and get the Craft Robo to cut them out for you, in your choice of card (within reason) and know that they will all be perfectly the same shape.

These are two cards I’ve made using the Side stepper card sheet by Sue Bryant:

1stSide stepper card2ndBugs Print and CUT

The first is decorated with pieces from the  Glamour Print and CUT by Luanne Collins and the second decorated from the Bugs Print and CUT sheet also by Luanne Collins.

Here are some more card shapes cut using the Craft Robo:

1Wavey edged gatefold card2Double Diamond Top Card3Chevron card4OPEN BOOK5Book or Card Stand

  1. Wavey edged gatefold card by Sue Bryant (decorated with the fantastic GSD Celtic Style Cross & Mats by Angela Burke)
  2. Double Diamond Top Card by Beverley Potter (simply decorated with some GSD Lace by Angela Burke)
  3. Chevron card by Sue Bryant (decorated with flowers from the FLOWERS 03 sheet by Clive Couter – no chance that I’d be able to cut a neat chevron out even on my good days)
  4. OPEN BOOK by Clive Couter (I just love this style of open book and it can be decorated simply with the flowers and butterflies provided with the sheet or cut from card ready printed with any background you want and really decorated up)
  5. Book or Card Stand by  Wendy Colledge (a simple item, but as you can see from the inset photo it does a great job of displaying an Open Book card cut with the Open Book sheets above)

1Square Card Star Popout Insert2Spring up card Scalloped edge3Circle Chevron card

  1. Square Card Star Popout Insert by Beverley Potter
  2. Spring up card Scalloped edge by Sue Bryant (simply decorated with three flowers from the FLOWERS 03 sheet by Clive Couter)
  3. Circle Chevron card by Sue Bryant (again a cut that requires precision that would be difficult to achieve any other way)

New styles of card I’ve tried since starting to use CUP

As I’ve got problems that mean that there are times when I can’t cut out anything remotely intricate (and I can never cut out the really intricate decoupage by hand) I’ve been very excited to see sheets on CUP that allow different styles of card to be produced that don’t require cutting out with the smallest sized scissors.  Yesterday I made a Wavy Spiral Side Stacker and it got me thinking about all the new style cards, with either only straight edges or wavy sides, I’ve made this year to upload their pictures to CUP.

Pirates Ahoy Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side StackerThe one I did yesterday was the Pirates Ahoy Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke which my four year old nephew was very taken with.

Some of the others I’ve made that were easy to cut and put together are:

1Intertwined Fantastic Horse Card2Intertwined Pyramid Jungle Animals3Spring Flowers Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker4Cat In The Garden Wavy Side Stacker5Flowers And Pearls Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker

  1. Intertwined Fantastic Horse Card by Sally McIntyre
  2. Intertwined Pyramid Jungle Animals by Sally McIntyre
  3. Spring Flowers Quick Card With Wavy Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke
  4. Cat In The Garden Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (from a painting by Pamela West)
  5. Flowers And Pearls Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke

1Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker2Wave Lapping Shore Shattered Pyramid3Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid4Bottles Of Wine Triangle Stacker5Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card

  1. Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker by Ann-marie Vaux
  2. Wave Lapping Shore Shattered Pyramid by Sarah Edwards
  3. Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid by Sarah Edwards
  4. Bottles Of Wine Triangle Stacker by Sarah Edwards
  5. Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card by Ammie Sanders

1The Secret Garden Corner Stacker

  1. The Secret Garden Corner Stacker by Karen Adair

From babies to adults, men, women and children, there are such a wide range of image styles that are suitable for so many occasions.  And there are even more of these easy to cut cards that I’ve made up and can be seen in my card gallery on CUP.

Images of the Moment

Cards are chosen as “Images of the Moment” by individual designers on CUP.  They choose from all the different cards that the Registered Card Makers have uploaded and attached to that designer’s sheet.

I’ve just noticed that 5 different designers have chosen one of my cards as “Images of the Moment”.  A big thank you to these designers:

Diana HutchinsonCuckoo Clock
Sue FoordChristmas Angel Waterfall
Silvia GriffinDiamond Cross
Angela BurkeGSD Lace Ribbons series 1
Matt CollinsFlower in Glass

(of course these designers could well have chosen new “Images of the Moment”, from the many worthy card examples that have been put after being created from their sheets, by the time you read this, but the links given will still take you to the designers pages and the individual pages for the sheets concerned).

Here are thumbnail images of the five cards concerned.  Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image of the card or on the card name above to go to the site and see the sheet it was made from.

Cuckoo Clock Christmas Angel WaterfallDiamond CrossGSD Lace Ribbons series 1 Flower in Glass

About Me – I’m a card maker!

I’ve been making cards for many years using many different techniques. I started mostly because I’m Welsh and I wanted Welsh cards for various occasions and what I could get in the shops at the time was both very limited and very expensive – so I decided to make my own.  As a hobby it has grown as my skills have expand and as  circumstances mean I can’t get involved in more active hobbies it is a way to keep my mind and hands active.

I sell some of my cards to family and friends to recoup some of the money I’ve spent to be able to afford new crafting goodies.  When I sell to others after the service at the chapel I attend a percentage of the money raised goes to the Sunday School funds.

I’m now a craftsUprint Registered Card Maker –CUP Registered Card Maker Badge – this means that when I buy digital craft sheets from the craftsUprint website I can upload a picture of the card I made with it up to the site to appear with the details of the sheet (provided nobody else has done so in the meantime).

I do make other cards and have made Wedding Stationery as well, some of these can be found by going to the main Cardiau MAES MIERI Cards website where other family members also have some cards on display, so this blog will be about the cards I’ve made for craftsUprint, or it will be to start off with at least – who knows where it may go!

If you want to buy any of the sheets I’ve used to make my cards then you can do so directly from craftsUprint, but if you are interested in buying any of the cards themselves, or want Wedding Stationery similar to what I’ve made previously and is showcased on the main site, then contact me via the link given on that site. Give as much details of what you are interested in as possible and I can get back to you with costs, P&P, etc.