About Me – I’m a card maker!

I’ve been making cards for many years using many different techniques. I started mostly because I’m Welsh and I wanted Welsh cards for various occasions and what I could get in the shops at the time was both very limited and very expensive – so I decided to make my own.  As a hobby it has grown as my skills have expand and as  circumstances mean I can’t get involved in more active hobbies it is a way to keep my mind and hands active.

I sell some of my cards to family and friends to recoup some of the money I’ve spent to be able to afford new crafting goodies.  When I sell to others after the service at the chapel I attend a percentage of the money raised goes to the Sunday School funds.

I’m now a craftsUprint Registered Card Maker –CUP Registered Card Maker Badge – this means that when I buy digital craft sheets from the craftsUprint website I can upload a picture of the card I made with it up to the site to appear with the details of the sheet (provided nobody else has done so in the meantime).

I do make other cards and have made Wedding Stationery as well, some of these can be found by going to the main Cardiau MAES MIERI Cards website where other family members also have some cards on display, so this blog will be about the cards I’ve made for craftsUprint, or it will be to start off with at least – who knows where it may go!

If you want to buy any of the sheets I’ve used to make my cards then you can do so directly from craftsUprint, but if you are interested in buying any of the cards themselves, or want Wedding Stationery similar to what I’ve made previously and is showcased on the main site, then contact me via the link given on that site. Give as much details of what you are interested in as possible and I can get back to you with costs, P&P, etc.