Images of the Moment

At the time of writing this post I have three cards chosen as Images of the Moment by the designers who’s sheets I used as a basis for creating the cards.

1 GSD Celtic Style Circles….2Flower in Glass3Jungle Buddies - Monkey

  1. GSD Celtic Style Circles…. by Angela Burke (Despite the intricacies of the design, as the Celtic style cutting out was all done using my Craft Robo there is no difficult cutting involved.  The most time consuming thing was pushing out the few small pieces that hadn’t dropped out when the design was removed from the carrier sheet after cutting, and clearing the small pieces off the carrier sheet.  I finished this card off with a butterfly printed onto magnetic paper so that it can be removed and put on the fridge when the card is taken down from display).
  2. Flower in Glass by Matt Collins (Straight edge cutting only to make this card and with four toppers of different sizes on the sheet you get real value for money as far as making cards from it is concerned).
  3. Jungle Buddies – Monkey by Sarah Grant (This is the most intricate to cut out of these three cards as the two moneys on either side needed to be cut out individually, although as they are quite chunky designs there wasn’t any really intricate cutting to be done.  This was also the card that took longer to make as, in addition to cutting out the monkeys, some time was taken to do the paper piercing using Diane Allen’s “Border and corner paper piercing templates).

Of course, by the time you read this some, or all, of the above may no longer be the Image of the Moment for the respective designer, but you can still click on the links above to see the details of the design sheet used and on the designer’s names to see other examples of their designs.

Occasions – Sympathy Cards

The saddest occasion of all that we send cards for is to sympathise with the recipient on the loss of a family member.  We all have preferences on the styles of cards we like to send at such times.  Some want ones with some hint of religious belief in the image, whereas others want something totally secular.  Some want limited colour whereas others prefer the sympathy cards they send to have more colour.

There are CUP design sheets to cater for all tastes.  These are some of the cards I’ve made from CUP sheets:

1Candle sympathy Pyramid2Sympathy Cross3Peaceful Times Pyramid4Peaceful Times Decoupage5With sympathy lily

  1. Candle sympathy Pyramid by Amy Cummings (A simple image used for this easy to cut out pyramid card.  I haven’t used the sentiments panels on my version of this card although two are provided.)
  2. Sympathy Cross by Deborah Davies ( A big contrast to the first card both in terms of design and colour, and also in that this card has flowers and butterflies that need to be cut out – although for a quicker card the decoupage pieces could be left of and the main image used as a topper as it is.)
  3. Peaceful Times Pyramid by Rebecca Brindley ( I stuck this pyramid cross onto a gatefold card using the matching backing paper (cup96012_442) and put the matching insert (cup96014_442) inside.)
  4. Peaceful Times Decoupage by Rebecca Brindley (The same image as the previous card but this time as a decoupage so a lot more intricate cutting involved in this one.)
  5. With sympathy lily by Linda Whittles (A simple square topper and a background element make this a simple to cut, quick card, to make.  I’ve added the cross myself, it isn’t part of the design sheet.)

1When Words Fail Teardrop Card2When Words Fail book sheet3Deepest Sympathy

  1. When Words Fail Teardrop Card by Carol Clarke (A different card shape for this card, which is cut out from the design sheet so no need to find a separate base card if you can print onto sturdy card.  Some more intricate cutting around the cross and bow element, but you could leave it without building this up if you want.)
  2. When Words Fail book sheet by Carol Clarke (Again the same image but on a different card shape.)
  3. Deepest Sympathy by Karen Adair (An oval pyramid in muted colours, easy to cut out on a panel that could be used for a small card or mounted onto a larger card.)

Occasions – New Baby Cards

The birth of  a new baby brings cards to the new parents from friends and family from far and wide.  These are the type of cards that are kept and bought out a long time in the future when the baby is growing up.

Again CUP has a nice assortment of cards for baby boys, baby girls, and more generic new baby cards that you can  create before you know the gender of the expected arrival.

1New Baby Boy Fold Back2Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid Sheet3Baby Hand4New baby quick card front5He’s here at last!

  1. New Baby Boy Fold Back by Eva Cano (Just straight cut round the outside to cut out the card, straight cut with a craft knife around the right side of the image, and attach one of the sentiments given if you wish, and you’re done with this great little quick card.)
  2. Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Shattered pyramids are an unusual take on a pyramid card where lots of little pyramids are built up around the edge but each piece only has straight edges to cut.  This is a particularly nice card that’s just right to send to the proud parents.)
  3. Baby Hand by Linda Whittles (A simple page front, together with a couple of greetings panels are provided on this sheet.  I only used the image page front which I matted and layered.)
  4. New baby quick card front by  Sharon Poore (A sweet card where the added elements can be cut out and use or left of as you want.  If you have problems cutting out then the card front on its own is just straight edge cutting and therefore easy to cut out.)
  5. He’s here at last! by Angie Palmer (This is a really cute little baby topper with added pieces like dummies and baby bottles that you can cut out and use as you wish Another sheet where you could just pick out the toppers with straight edge cutting.)

Occasions – Wedding Cards

Sending cards are a must when it comes to people celebrating special occasions and there’s no occasion more special than a wedding.  CUP have a wide assortment of cards suitable for sending to the happy couple.

Here are a few that I’ve chosen to buy and make:

1Wedding bouquet with wavy centre2White Wedding Bouquet - Pyramid Card3Sunset Wedding Pyramage4Bride & Groom #1 gatefold5Rose Bouquet

  1. Wedding bouquet with wavy centre by Angela Wake (The wavy, built up, central pyramid panel makes for a different look to this card without being too difficult to cut.)
  2. White Wedding Bouquet – Pyramid Card by Julene Harris (I added some gold pen to the edge of each of the straight sided pyramid layers on this card for definition, but you don’t have to do this.)
  3. Sunset Wedding Pyramage by Deborah Davies (Only straight edges and ovals to cut out on this card so amongst the easiest type of card design sheets to cut out.)
  4. Bride & Groom #1 gatefold by Susan Donaghie (Just straight line cutting for this card made a little bit special by the gatefold style.)
  5. Rose Bouquet by  Angie Palmer (Three layers were provided for this card, the straight edged first layer, the ripple edged second layer, and the final layer of the bouquet itself.  I only used the first two layers when I made up the card to avoid the most intricate cutting.)

1The Bride on her day2Blue Lace3Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet

  1. The Bride on her day by Angela Wake (A lovely card which the photo doesn’t do justice too as the shineback from the silver mirror on the card prevented taking the card in the brightest of light.  Although the bride is there to be cut out to decoupage the outline isn’t particularly intricate.)
  2. Blue Lace by Sheila Wilks (A square pannel, an oval pannel and a backing element make this an easy card to cut out and produce a lovely card.)
  3. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by  Sarah Edwards (A lovely pyramid card and therefore easy to cut out.)

Image of the Moment

In addition to the three Images of the Moment that I highlighted in my post of the 13th I’ve now spotted that another designer has chosen one of my cards as an Image of the Moment.  This time it’s the turn of :

Lady of the Lake Toppers by Rebecca Brindley

Lady of the Lake Toppers

This card was actually made using three Lady of the Lake sheets.  In addition to the topper sheet I used the matching Backing sheet and the Gatefold Insert sheet.  I’d like to thank Rebecca, not only for choosing my card as her Image of the Moment but also for designing such a lovely set of sheets.

Iris & Teabag Folding

I think I’d only done Teabag Folding once before starting to use CUP sheets and Iris folding only a couple of times, and those times the aperture had been pre-die-cut out ready.

The biggest problem with Iris Folding is getting the aperture cut out neatly, especially for the more intricate shapes, when you have problems with your hands – so I feel some experimentation with my Craft Robo coming along.

Here are some Iris Folding I’ve done using designs available from CUP:

1Penguin Iris Folding Pattern2Dove Iris Folding Pattern3Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern4Duck Iris Folding Pattern5Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern

All of these five were designed by Margaret Jones

  1. Penguin Iris Folding Pattern (Quite a simple one to cut out and build up the image from paper strips.)
  2. Dove Iris Folding Pattern (Probably the most difficult one to cut out because of the feather shapes on the wings.)
  3. Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern (Some delicate cutting required around the horse’s legs and hooves on this one.)
  4. Duck Iris Folding Pattern  (The most fiddly bit to cut was around the feet, the rest was quite easy.)
  5. Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern (Nothing too complicated to cut out on this design.)

1Diamond Cross

  1. Diamond Cross by Silvia Griffin (Again, nothing too intricate to cut out to make the apertures for this design.)

I’ve not used Teabag folding on many cards yet.  I need to experiment more with different folds and make some more I think, as I like the effect you get with this technique.  Here are examples of what I’ve done so far:

1Nautical Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front2Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet

  1. Nautical Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front by Sarah Edwards (A nice card front panel came on this sheet to mount the teabag folding onto.)
  2. Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet by Ammie Sanders (Some lovely subtle tones in the teabag folding and the image that goes with it.)

Cards for Kids and Teenages

Having got nephews and a niece, ranging in age between 3 and 21 at the moment, I need to cater for some wide ranging tastes when it comes to cards for birthdays, etc.  I’ve found that CUP has such a wide range of images and styles that it’s difficult to choose which sheets to buy and even more difficult to choose which ones to put up in this blog.

Cards with some movement are always a good bet I’ve found.

1Bunny Birthday Slider2Cute teddy with strawberries spring card3Fisherman slider4Blue Butterfly Waterfall5All at Sea- wavy penny slider

  1. Bunny Birthday Slider by Mary Jane Harris (The rabbit shape is quite rounded so wasn’t too difficult to cut out and the inside of the slider mechanism was cut with a craft knife.)
  2. Cute teddy with strawberries spring card by Ammie Sanders (Only straight edges for cutting and scoring on this card and kids are fascinated when they press it down and it bounces back up again.)
  3. Fisherman slider by Kristin Guyer (The fish is the most fiddly thing to cut out for this card.  I used clear acetate with a tab at the end as the mechanism so kids can pull it in and out to make the fish move.)
  4. Blue Butterfly Waterfall by Russ Smith (Another movement card with something for the kids to pull.  The addition of glitter on a card seems to go down well with youngsters as well.)
  5. All at Sea- wavy penny slider by Sue Foord (Some use of a craft knife was needed to cut out the inside pieces for this card, although none of it was very intricate, so it does require a bit more dexterity than some of the others.)

Cute animals or bright colours also seem to go down well with both young boys and girls:

1Giraffe Pyramid2Hide an’ Seek3Clown with Cake -Easy Card Front with decoupage4Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker5Bubble Boy quick card

  1. Giraffe Pyramid by Chris Harland (Straight edges only to cut out this pyramid, together with an oval greetings panel.  I didn’t use all the layers for this card but did put some small googly eyes over the giraffe’s eyes.)
  2. Hide an’ Seek by Carol Brown (Straight cutting only to make this card as well.  Added the same type of small googly eyes over the snakes eyes in this one.)
  3. Clown with Cake -Easy Card Front with decoupage by Margaret Jones (There is some cutting out for the decoupage element of this card if you want to build up the image, although I didn’t bother with the candles and the rest of the elements were reasonably easy to cut.)
  4. Noahs Ark Deckle Edge Corner Stacker by Emma Bee (If you can cut out the deckle edge you’ll be fine with this card and it ticks the boxes of being both bright and have cute animals.)
  5. Bubble Boy quick card by Chris Harland (Some finer cutting around was required for this card, although I certainly didn’t cut around the layer of bubbles on its own or the water spurting from the elephant’s trunk on the second layer.  Some Flowersoft and glaze give added texture to the card.)

Teenage girls are another matter altogether!  Lounging around, makeup, dressing up or dressing down are all safe bets, depending on the teenager herself of course:

1Friends Out On The Town2Relaxing Teenager Twisted Pyramid3Ladies Accessories Tri Fold Quick Card4Glamour Print and CUT5Cool Teenage Girl

  1. Friends Out On The Town by Angela Wake (An easy to cut tri-fold card.)
  2. Relaxing Teenager Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (Only straight edges to cut for this card.  Does it remind you of anybody you know?!)
  3. Ladies Accessories Tri Fold Quick Card by Lorraine Smith (Another easy to cut tri-fold card. More “posh” than the clothes worn in the first one of this group.)
  4. Glamour Print and CUT by Luanne Collins (No cutting involved with this sheet of makeup related items as it’s a sheet to be cut out using a Craft Robo.  The images can be put together however you like, on whatever style of card fold you like.)
  5. Cool Teenage Girl by Deborah Davies (Again a sheet with only straight cutting required for this card.)

For teenage boys it appears to be either TV, sports, or an obsession with getting their first motor vehicle and going fast:

1Out of Control 12Football Cut and Fold Card3Biker4Funny car topper5Lager Diamond Top

  1. Out of Control 1 by Stephen Ingram (This card only requires straight cutting and brings to mind the Dr Who program.)
  2. Football Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (This is a simple print, cut and fold card, but it can be decorated with matching twisted spiral sheet cup95482_359 like I’ve done in this instance.  A good sheet to have on your PC ready for a card for any male in case you find you’ve forgotten somebody and need a card in a hurry.)
  3. Biker by Sheila Wilks (The top biker layer requires some more intricate cutting out, but it is mostley rounded curves not fine details, however a nice card can be made with just the backing and the main topper image.)
  4. Funny car topper by Sharon Poore (It may be to do with the area we live in in West Wales, but there is a need to get independent and mobile as soon as possible so youngsters try to get their own car as soon as they pass their test and that car can look pretty beat up!)
  5. Lager Diamond Top by Diana Hutchinson (The older teens also have an unhealthy preoccupation with going out drinking, which is really unsafe if he also has a preoccupation with speed.)

Images of the Moment

It’s been a while since I showed an assortment of my cards that have been chosen as Images of the Moment by the sheet designers (the last time being 27-7-10).  Once again I have to thank the designers who’ve chosen my little creations for this honour.

At the moment I’ve got three of my cards chosen.  They are:

Stained Glass Dogrose by Diana Hutchinson

GSD Celtic Style Cross & Mats by Angela Burke

Flower in Glass by Matt Collins

Stained Glass Dogrose Wavey edged gatefold card  Flower in Glass

I only uploaded the “Stained Glass Dogrose” yesterday so I was very surprised, and very pleased, when I saw this in my list.

Nativity Christmas Cards

I know it is only August, but many card makers make Christmas cards all year round to make sure that they have enough to sell at craft fairs, etc., in the months running up to Christmas, as well as to give to their own friends and family.

The Christmas card sheets I’ve chosen from CUP have been a varied assortment of cards with some connection to the Nativity and, as I want some of them for specific people in the family, not to make lots of the same type for sale,  I’ve chosen some that have a bit more intricate cutting involved without getting into really difficult cutting.

1Mary and Baby Jesus Lace Bracket Wrap Card 2Mary and Jesus3Beautiful Gate Fold Nativity Scene4Christmas Kings5A Christmas Birth With Card Front

  1. Mary and Baby Jesus Lace Bracket Wrap Card by Ann-marie Vaux (An unusual card that is very effective when the two “wrap” panels are brought to the front so that it closes like a sort of ornate gate-fold card.  The wraps have an ornate edge without being too fiddly to cut out.)
  2. Mary and Jesus by Karin Johansson (The sheet has the front and the back of Mary and Jesus so is great for an acetate window card like this.  Although there is a lot of cutting involved most of it is quite rounded cutting.)
  3. Beautiful Gate Fold Nativity Scene by Nick Bowley (Just straight line cutting for this one.  I used scissors for the outside of the three pieces and a craft knife to cut out the windows in the doors.)
  4. Christmas Kings by Allison Finegan (I love the effect of decoupage and with this card the pieces were relatively easy to cut out because of the simplicity of the shapes. A nice card for a child I think.)
  5. A Christmas Birth With Card Front by Diane Furniss (A different shape of pyramid but the shape wasn’t particularly intricate to cut out.)

1JESUS and MARY2Nativity Scene with Angels Foldback3Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid4Cute Angel Globe5STABLES CHRISTMAS NATIVITY PYRAMIDS

  1. JESUS and MARY by Clive Couter (Only straight edges on the shapes in this card so an easy one to make.)
  2. Nativity Scene with Angels Foldback by Rhonda Brittain (Only straight edges on this card, although a craft knife is best to cut around the right side of the image, and it does have the advantage that the card itself is part of the sheet so no need to find a card base.)
  3. Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid by  Sheila Rodgers (Again, only straight edges to cut to make this lovely twisted pyramid card.)
  4. Cute Angel Globe by  Denise Rhodes (As the angel is enclosed in the globe there’s no intricate cutting out around the wings or anything difficult to cut on the main image.  The ribbon element doesn’t have to be added if this is too intricate to cut for you.)
  5. STABLES CHRISTMAS NATIVITY PYRAMIDS by Nick Bowley (Straight edges only on this pyramid card.)

1The Nativity2THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD3Heavenly Angel Blessings - Pyramid4God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger5Christmas Angel waterfall

  1. The Nativity by Sheila Wilks (A simple line drawing of the nativity on an easy to cut out card.)
  2. THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD by Clive Couter (This card didn’t require any cutting by hand as it is a Craft Robo sheet.  It can be folded either way so the Three Kings can be facing either way.  The sheet is great because it cut so cleanly that the Three Kings cut out from this card can be used as silhouettes on another card.)
  3. Heavenly Angel Blessings – Pyramid by Julene Harris (Only straight lines to cut for this card, and with eight layers provided you can make two cards from each sheet by alternating the layers between each card to still give a card with dimension but can still go through the post as an ordinary letter if the largest layer is stuck directly to the base card and the other three layers are attached with 1mm deep, double sided, foam tape.)
  4. God Bless you at Christmas Mary in the Manger by Sally McIntyre (I used a craft knife to cut half of each of the side images and a scissors to cut out the main card and pyramid layers.  Again a card that is all in on the sheet so doesn’t need a base card found if it is printed onto reasonably sturdy card-stock.)
  5. Christmas Angel waterfall by Sue Foord (Straight cutting with a scissors and making holes with a pokey tool are all that are needed for this card, although you can cut out the smaller angels as embellishments you don’t have to if you find them too fiddly to cut out.)