Dimension With Pyramids

Following on from what I mentioned in my post of the 30th July about some card styles being easier to cut out than others for people who have problems with their hands, either constantly or intermittently – I think that the easiest type of styles to cut out while still ending up with some 3D dimension to your cards are probably the pyramage style. Lots of totally straight edges.

I’ve made up quite a few cards with pyramid toppers on.  Here are just a few of them:

1Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet2Shipwrecked seen better days3Tiger Pyramid4Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front5Pink Rose & Pearl Pyramage

  1. Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards
  2. Shipwrecked seen better days by Sally McIntyre
  3. Tiger Pyramid by Amy Cummings
  4. Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front by Barbara Alderson
  5. Pink Rose & Pearl Pyramage by Karen Hughes

Twisted Pyramid toppers are just as easy to cut out but have a different affect on the finished card.

1Wild Horse2Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid3Peaceful Purple Flower4Biscuit the Foal5Kitty

  1. Wild Horse by Sarah Lake
  2. Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers
  3. Peaceful Purple Flower by Joanna Swinton
  4. Biscuit the Foal by Judith Flavel
  5. Kitty by Sarah Lake

With so many sheets on CUP to choose from it’s just so difficult to choose which ones to buy next.  The large number of designers (150 at the moment) means that there is sure to be a style that suits everyone.