Craft Robo GSD Print & Cut Files

Although most of the GSD files on CUP are for just cutting for cards, (or more elaborate papercraft creations,) there is a growing selection of Print & Cut files available.

Some of these Print & Cut files include toppers that can be put on any card while some are for complete cards.

Here are a couple of cards from the latter category:

1WATERFALL CARD featuring waterfalls2SPRING CARD 23LILY FAN CARD - Birthday and Mothers Day

  1. WATERFALL CARD featuring waterfalls by Clive Couter
  2. SPRING CARD 2 also by Clive Couter
  3. LILY FAN CARD – Birthday and Mothers Day again by Clive Couter (I stuck this card onto the front of another card and left it so that the fan could be opened to show a “secret” message, but it could simply be displayed in a stand such as the Book or Card Stand by  Wendy Colledge)

Here are some cards I’ve created from Cut & Print sheets that are covered in small elements that you can put together however you want to make unique cards.  A girly card for a young lady who likes playing with makeup; a card of bugs for the boy who loves all things creepy-crawly; a cowboy card for the man who loves watching westerns; and a fruit card to congratulate a person who’s stuck to their diet and reached their target weight.

1Glamour Print and CUT2Bugs Print and CUT3Wild West Print and CUT4Tutti Fruity Print and CUT

  1. Glamour Print and CUT
  2. Bugs Print and CUT
  3. Wild West Print and CUT
  4. Tutti Fruity Print and CUT  – all the sheets by Luanne Collins