Backing Papers, Vellums and Inserts

One thing that is handy about CUP is that many of the designers put up co-ordinating backing papers, vellums and inserts to go with their designs.  If you don’t have much variety of backing papers in your crafting stash, or don’t have a convenient CD of backing papers to match your chosen design, or even if you are not confident in choosing co-ordinating papers, then buying sheets from the same designer as your topper, that has been created specially to go with it, is an excellent idea.

As most of the cards I make are left blank for the person who buys them to put in their own greeting, I tend to put a plain white insert in many of my cards, but I have chosen a few inserts to buy and use.  I do like ones where there is a nice large panel that is clear of pattern for a greeting to be written in.

The beauty of inserts is that they nearly always have straight edges that can be cut with a paper trimmer or large scissors, and the backing papers and vellums can be cut however you like, so no difficulty for people with dexterity problems in using any of these.

Here are a small number of inserts I’ve put in my CUP cards:

1DIY Tool kit insert2Red Begonia Insert by Rebecca Brindley3Peaceful Times Gatefold Insert4A5 ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert

  1. DIY Tool kit insert by Amy Cummings
  2. Red Begonia Insert by Rebecca Brindley
  3. Peaceful Times Gatefold Insert also by Rebecca Brindley
  4. A5 ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert by Carol Clarke

Here are a few vellum and backing paper sheets I’ve used on my CUP cards:

1Nanna’s Garden Helper Vellum2Blue Butterfly Vellum3Red Begonia Backing sheet 24Peaceful Times Backing Paper 25Just Roses matching Backing Paper

  1. Nanna’s Garden Helper Vellum by Deborah Davies
  2. Blue Butterfly Vellum by Michelle Johnson
  3. Red Begonia Backing sheet 2 by Rebecca Brindley
  4. Peaceful Times Backing Paper 2 again by Rebecca Brindley
  5. Just Roses matching Backing Paper by Carol Clarke