Cut and Fold Cards

There is one type of card that is quite cost effective to produce, and quite often very easy to produce as well.  These are the cards where the main card body is part of the printed sheet so all you have to have is a good quality card and the ink to print onto it (provided you have a printer that will accept good quality card, otherwise you’ll have to print onto paper and stick onto card).  Of course with these cards, once you’ve printed, cut and folded, you can add as little or as much embellishments as you like to make it your own.  I try to make a variety of these quick cards where some are embellished and some are not.  These cards are not all simple side fold cards either.

Here are some examples of cards I’ve made in this way:

Spring Flowers Cut and Fold CardTea Time with FriendsGod bless you at Christmas Merry Christmas Mary in the MangerMale Bears oval Folded Pop Out CardPink Vintage Rose Fold Back

1Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card2Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold3New Baby Boy Fold Back4Magenta Flower Fold Back Card5Football Cut and Fold Card

  1. Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke.
  2. Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold by Hazel Kinvig-Paul (although theatre fold sheets have distinct panels that can be cut seperately for mounting on a different background card, which I’ve done with several of them, there are many that can just be trimmed as a whole card, scored and folded, and make a lovely card as they are).
  3. New Baby Boy Fold Back by Eva Cano.
  4. Magenta Flower Fold Back Card by Jo Gethin.
  5. Football Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (this is a card that could have been used as it was but I chose to decorate it with the matching twisted spiral sheet cup95482_359).