Round and Oval Pyramage

A few days ago I wrote about pyramage styles, both straight and twisted, that had straight edges to cut.  Nearly as easy to cut, without any intricate ins and outs, are the round and oval pyramage style cards.

Here are just a few of these styles of cards:

1Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum 2CHERRY BLOSSOM FAIRY topper & pyramid decoupage3Dolphins oval pyramid with background4Garden Helper Pyramage Page 25Sunset Wedding Pyramage

  1. Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum by Sue Maycock (The sheet for this lovely oval pyramage included a panel of “vellum” to use as backing, which I put across one corner).
  2. CHERRY BLOSSOM FAIRY topper & pyramid decoupage by Janet Briggs (This lovely round pyramid was enhanced with some flowersoft in two colours).
  3. Dolphins oval pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (Another lovely oval pyramid where the sheet included an useful background element).
  4. Garden Helper Pyramage Page 2 by Deborah Davies (A round pyramid where I’ve bought the matching vellum (cup105808_613) to enhance the card and mounted the pyramid on a diamond front card).
  5. Sunset Wedding Pyramage by Deborah Davies (This sheet makes a lovely wedding card).

You may notice with my cards that I quite often make pyramid cards without all the layers given.  Quite often this is because I’ve been asked to keep the card shallow to go through the post on an ordinary letter stamp.  Sometimes this achieved by just leaving some of the smaller layers off, sometimes by missing the second layer, and sometimes by splitting the layers in half and building two cards from every other layer.  Which is what I did for the first of this next batch:

1Kingfisher in the Woods2Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow3Roses Are Red4Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet

  1. Kingfisher in the Woods by  Susan Donaghie (This pyramage was split in two and mounted on the same size cards with slightly different background).
  2. Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow by June Young (With this card I didn’t use the largest circular pyramid piece as it exactly matched the round panel that’s a part of the card front.  This card isn’t shallow enough to go through as a standard letter, even without the layer, but the layer can be used as a gift tag to go on the gift that is to be given with the card.)
  3. Roses Are Red by Deborah Davies (Another roses card.  Another pyramid card.  But totally different in look to the previous card.)
  4. Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet by Mandy Russell (Although listed under Fathers Day, this card in reality could be given for any number of different occasions just by missing off the greetings panel.)

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