Iris & Teabag Folding

I think I’d only done Teabag Folding once before starting to use CUP sheets and Iris folding only a couple of times, and those times the aperture had been pre-die-cut out ready.

The biggest problem with Iris Folding is getting the aperture cut out neatly, especially for the more intricate shapes, when you have problems with your hands – so I feel some experimentation with my Craft Robo coming along.

Here are some Iris Folding I’ve done using designs available from CUP:

1Penguin Iris Folding Pattern2Dove Iris Folding Pattern3Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern4Duck Iris Folding Pattern5Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern

All of these five were designed by Margaret Jones

  1. Penguin Iris Folding Pattern (Quite a simple one to cut out and build up the image from paper strips.)
  2. Dove Iris Folding Pattern (Probably the most difficult one to cut out because of the feather shapes on the wings.)
  3. Strutting Horse Iris Folding Pattern (Some delicate cutting required around the horse’s legs and hooves on this one.)
  4. Duck Iris Folding Pattern  (The most fiddly bit to cut was around the feet, the rest was quite easy.)
  5. Butterfly Iris Folding Pattern (Nothing too complicated to cut out on this design.)

1Diamond Cross

  1. Diamond Cross by Silvia Griffin (Again, nothing too intricate to cut out to make the apertures for this design.)

I’ve not used Teabag folding on many cards yet.  I need to experiment more with different folds and make some more I think, as I like the effect you get with this technique.  Here are examples of what I’ve done so far:

1Nautical Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front2Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet

  1. Nautical Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front by Sarah Edwards (A nice card front panel came on this sheet to mount the teabag folding onto.)
  2. Wedding Bliss Teabag Sheet by Ammie Sanders (Some lovely subtle tones in the teabag folding and the image that goes with it.)