Occasions – Wedding Cards

Sending cards are a must when it comes to people celebrating special occasions and there’s no occasion more special than a wedding.  CUP have a wide assortment of cards suitable for sending to the happy couple.

Here are a few that I’ve chosen to buy and make:

1Wedding bouquet with wavy centre2White Wedding Bouquet - Pyramid Card3Sunset Wedding Pyramage4Bride & Groom #1 gatefold5Rose Bouquet

  1. Wedding bouquet with wavy centre by Angela Wake (The wavy, built up, central pyramid panel makes for a different look to this card without being too difficult to cut.)
  2. White Wedding Bouquet – Pyramid Card by Julene Harris (I added some gold pen to the edge of each of the straight sided pyramid layers on this card for definition, but you don’t have to do this.)
  3. Sunset Wedding Pyramage by Deborah Davies (Only straight edges and ovals to cut out on this card so amongst the easiest type of card design sheets to cut out.)
  4. Bride & Groom #1 gatefold by Susan Donaghie (Just straight line cutting for this card made a little bit special by the gatefold style.)
  5. Rose Bouquet by  Angie Palmer (Three layers were provided for this card, the straight edged first layer, the ripple edged second layer, and the final layer of the bouquet itself.  I only used the first two layers when I made up the card to avoid the most intricate cutting.)

1The Bride on her day2Blue Lace3Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet

  1. The Bride on her day by Angela Wake (A lovely card which the photo doesn’t do justice too as the shineback from the silver mirror on the card prevented taking the card in the brightest of light.  Although the bride is there to be cut out to decoupage the outline isn’t particularly intricate.)
  2. Blue Lace by Sheila Wilks (A square pannel, an oval pannel and a backing element make this an easy card to cut out and produce a lovely card.)
  3. Roses & Rings Pyramid Sheet by  Sarah Edwards (A lovely pyramid card and therefore easy to cut out.)

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