Occasions – New Baby Cards

The birth of  a new baby brings cards to the new parents from friends and family from far and wide.  These are the type of cards that are kept and bought out a long time in the future when the baby is growing up.

Again CUP has a nice assortment of cards for baby boys, baby girls, and more generic new baby cards that you can  create before you know the gender of the expected arrival.

1New Baby Boy Fold Back2Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid Sheet3Baby Hand4New baby quick card front5He’s here at last!

  1. New Baby Boy Fold Back by Eva Cano (Just straight cut round the outside to cut out the card, straight cut with a craft knife around the right side of the image, and attach one of the sentiments given if you wish, and you’re done with this great little quick card.)
  2. Baby Feet Shattered Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Shattered pyramids are an unusual take on a pyramid card where lots of little pyramids are built up around the edge but each piece only has straight edges to cut.  This is a particularly nice card that’s just right to send to the proud parents.)
  3. Baby Hand by Linda Whittles (A simple page front, together with a couple of greetings panels are provided on this sheet.  I only used the image page front which I matted and layered.)
  4. New baby quick card front by  Sharon Poore (A sweet card where the added elements can be cut out and use or left of as you want.  If you have problems cutting out then the card front on its own is just straight edge cutting and therefore easy to cut out.)
  5. He’s here at last! by Angie Palmer (This is a really cute little baby topper with added pieces like dummies and baby bottles that you can cut out and use as you wish Another sheet where you could just pick out the toppers with straight edge cutting.)

One Reply to “Occasions – New Baby Cards”

  1. Dear Gwyneth
    I’m very impressed with your blog. It looks really professional and everything is really well organised. I’ve spent the last hour browsing through your cards! I like your suggestion about using cards for different occasions than the ones they were made for, I do that as well!
    Of course it is really nice to see the cards you’ve made with my designs here too! They always have a great finish.
    Congratulations again and I hope you get many requests – no doubt you will have once you have your own shop on CUP.
    Best wishes
    Eva x