Occasions – Sympathy Cards

The saddest occasion of all that we send cards for is to sympathise with the recipient on the loss of a family member.  We all have preferences on the styles of cards we like to send at such times.  Some want ones with some hint of religious belief in the image, whereas others want something totally secular.  Some want limited colour whereas others prefer the sympathy cards they send to have more colour.

There are CUP design sheets to cater for all tastes.  These are some of the cards I’ve made from CUP sheets:

1Candle sympathy Pyramid2Sympathy Cross3Peaceful Times Pyramid4Peaceful Times Decoupage5With sympathy lily

  1. Candle sympathy Pyramid by Amy Cummings (A simple image used for this easy to cut out pyramid card.  I haven’t used the sentiments panels on my version of this card although two are provided.)
  2. Sympathy Cross by Deborah Davies ( A big contrast to the first card both in terms of design and colour, and also in that this card has flowers and butterflies that need to be cut out – although for a quicker card the decoupage pieces could be left of and the main image used as a topper as it is.)
  3. Peaceful Times Pyramid by Rebecca Brindley ( I stuck this pyramid cross onto a gatefold card using the matching backing paper (cup96012_442) and put the matching insert (cup96014_442) inside.)
  4. Peaceful Times Decoupage by Rebecca Brindley (The same image as the previous card but this time as a decoupage so a lot more intricate cutting involved in this one.)
  5. With sympathy lily by Linda Whittles (A simple square topper and a background element make this a simple to cut, quick card, to make.  I’ve added the cross myself, it isn’t part of the design sheet.)

1When Words Fail Teardrop Card2When Words Fail book sheet3Deepest Sympathy

  1. When Words Fail Teardrop Card by Carol Clarke (A different card shape for this card, which is cut out from the design sheet so no need to find a separate base card if you can print onto sturdy card.  Some more intricate cutting around the cross and bow element, but you could leave it without building this up if you want.)
  2. When Words Fail book sheet by Carol Clarke (Again the same image but on a different card shape.)
  3. Deepest Sympathy by Karen Adair (An oval pyramid in muted colours, easy to cut out on a panel that could be used for a small card or mounted onto a larger card.)

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