Images of the Moment

At the time of writing this post I have three cards chosen as Images of the Moment by the designers who’s sheets I used as a basis for creating the cards.

1 GSD Celtic Style Circles….2Flower in Glass3Jungle Buddies - Monkey

  1. GSD Celtic Style Circles…. by Angela Burke (Despite the intricacies of the design, as the Celtic style cutting out was all done using my Craft Robo there is no difficult cutting involved.  The most time consuming thing was pushing out the few small pieces that hadn’t dropped out when the design was removed from the carrier sheet after cutting, and clearing the small pieces off the carrier sheet.  I finished this card off with a butterfly printed onto magnetic paper so that it can be removed and put on the fridge when the card is taken down from display).
  2. Flower in Glass by Matt Collins (Straight edge cutting only to make this card and with four toppers of different sizes on the sheet you get real value for money as far as making cards from it is concerned).
  3. Jungle Buddies – Monkey by Sarah Grant (This is the most intricate to cut out of these three cards as the two moneys on either side needed to be cut out individually, although as they are quite chunky designs there wasn’t any really intricate cutting to be done.  This was also the card that took longer to make as, in addition to cutting out the monkeys, some time was taken to do the paper piercing using Diane Allen’s “Border and corner paper piercing templates).

Of course, by the time you read this some, or all, of the above may no longer be the Image of the Moment for the respective designer, but you can still click on the links above to see the details of the design sheet used and on the designer’s names to see other examples of their designs.