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Yesterday I said that Bob had a discount code on his Blog which was valid up until the end of the month.  A notification E-mail has come out today to say that “Due to unprecedented demand ……. we have decided to extend the promotion over the weekend …..”, so good news to all CUP customers who’ve experienced problems either getting onto the site, or placing orders, during the day today as you all now have a chance to place an order until Sunday night and still get the discount.  Thank you CUP team.

Crafty Bob

Have you seen Crafty Bob?  He’s the lovable character mascot at craftsUprint.

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He gets up to all sorts:

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  • He’s got his own Blog

At the moment his Blog gives information on a discount code that can be used to get 20% off an order on craftsUprint until the end of this month.


Isn’t the world a beautiful place?  From peaceful cottages to spectacular sunsets there are some really lovely scenes available to make cards from on CUP.

Some sunsets:

1Desert Sunset Central Australia2Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker3Sunset Over City Side Stacker

  1.  Desert Sunset Central Australia by Robyn Cockburn (An easy to cut out design sheet that makes a stunning card.)
  2. Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (A similar style of topper type and image to the first card but this time the side stacker strips have one wavy edge instead of all straight.  These are quite easy to cut as the waves are not too tight.)
  3. Sunset Over City Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Another easy to cut straight edged side stacker.)

For many their favourite place to be is near water, on the coast, by the seaside.

1Butterfly on the Coast Ripple Side Stacker2Tranquil Beach-Themed Card Toppers3Silhouette pyramid4Theatre Fold Card - sunset5Sailing Away Pyramid Stacker

  1. Butterfly on the Coast Ripple Side Stacker by Carol Lepard (The ripple edge on this corner stacker isn’t too difficult to cut out and the corner stacker itself highlights the shape of the land, bringing it towards the viewer.)
  2. Tranquil Beach-Themed Card Toppers by Sarah Edwards (There are four lovely toppers on this design sheet.  A bit of fiddly cutting out around the top and bottom of the frame around each image but it isn’t too difficult.)
  3. Silhouette pyramid by Linda Whittles (The water can be seen in the foreground of this lovely image set up as a straight edge pyramid, so all the layers are ready to cut out.)
  4. Theatre Fold Card – sunset 1 and Theatre Fold Card – sunset 2 by Karin Johansson (Two sheets were required to make this lovely theatre fold card with a pyramid topper.  Both sheets only involved straight cutting making it an easy card to make.)
  5. Sailing Away Pyramid Stacker by June Harrop (Straight edges only to this pyramid topper.)

For others a tranquil setting in the country is more to their liking.

1Lavender Fields - Original art2Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet3A walk through Bluebell Woods4Woodland Walk Side Step Stacker

  1.  Lavender Fields – Original art by Pamela West (This is a Designer Resource more than a design sheet, which means that you can make your own style of card using the design.  I simply re-sized it so that it would fit inside an oval aperture I’d cut out of another sheet from CUP – cup102803_359 – A5 ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert – but you could make it into an oval or square topper, side stacker, pyramid, etc., whatever you felt like.)
  2. Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet by Mandy Russell (Just simple to cut ovals for this card which shows a nice peaceful scene.)
  3. A walk through Bluebell Woods by Helen Williams (Just a small number of easy to cut layers on this design sheet so making the card didn’t involve any intricate cutting.)
  4. Woodland Walk Side Step Stacker by Ammie Sanders (Triangular pieces on all four sides make up the stepper on this card, but it is easy to cut out as all straight lines.)

It’s Not All About Cards You Know!

Although the vast majority of the sheets on CUP are for making cards there are other things that are catered for.  The most basic of these being envelopes to put your cards into to fantastic paper-craft creations.

Boxes & Envelopes

1A5 Box2Grace Angel Pillow Box3Pillow Box Template Kit - 3 sheet Kit4Shabby Chic Rose 5×5 Envelope 2 Mix N Match 5 Shabby Chic Rose 5×5 Envelope 1 Mix N Match

  1. A5 Box by Sue Bryant (Although the box shown in the example was plain white with a solid lid, I cut out a panel and put acetate in it and then sprayed the whole thing in glitter.  The box can be cut out of card that has been pre-printed in a backing to match the card or gift you intend to put inside if you want).
  2. Grace Angel Pillow Box by Katy Kinsey (Pillow Boxes are handy to put little gifts in.  Some chocolate buttons for a child. Some jewelry for an adult.  Lots of uses.)
  3. Pillow Box Template Kit – 3 sheet Kit by Carol Clarke (Having a kit of three different sized box templates means that you can make boxes with whatever designs you want on them in whichever size you want.  They can either be made of one coloured card and print the template onto the back, or print whatever backing paper onto the front and print the template onto the back to make your own design.  These can make lovely favour boxes at weddings.  They could even take the place of having separate name card to show who’s sitting where as the names could be printed or written on each box before they are pushed into the pillow shape and sugar almonds or whatever put inside).
  4. Shabby Chic Rose 5×5 Envelope 2 Mix N Match by Ammie Sanders (A quick an easy 5″ x 5″ envelope)
  5. Shabby Chic Rose 5×5 Envelope 1 Mix N Match by Ammie Sanders (Another quick an easy 5″ x 5″ envelope that matches the other Shabby Chic Rose designs)


1On The Farm 224 Stitchen sewing bookmarks/dl toppers3Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper4Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage5Card with Corner Wavy side stacker

  1. On The Farm 2 by Carol Brown (Quick and easy to make and just great for young children just starting to read.  The bookmarks can just be printed onto good quality card, as in this case, or they can be printed on lighter material and then stuck onto a heavier weight card.  They can even be laminated to make them long lasting, although with young children they like to have a change and get a new bookmark often).
  2. 4 Stitchen sewing bookmarks/dl toppers by Sharon Poore (Here I’ve used two of a set of 4 bookmarks, making one into a card and one stuck onto a matted card to make a bookmark, which gives a small gift to give with a card without having to go out and buy something extra).
  3. Just Roses Quick Card with Wavy Corner side stacker Topper by Carol Clarke (With the sheet used to create this the Wavy Corner side stacker topper and the bookmark came together on the same sheet, so once again a gift to go with the card.  This time I mounted the bookmark in a pocket on the card).
  4. Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage by Carol Clarke (Another card where I’ve attached the bookmark to the front of the matching card, this time attached with some ribbon.  I think that this would make a nice get well card as often people do a bit of reading while recuperating).
  5. Card with Corner Wavy side stacker by Carol Clarke (For this one I haven’t attached the bookmark to the card, just put it inside the envelope with the card to go off together).

Papercraft Creations

1Blooming Marvellous 3D Baby Shoes in Yellow

  1. Blooming Marvellous 3D Baby Shoes in Yellow by Katy Kinsey (I cut around the whole outline and then snipped in both sides of the”V” shapes to make the tabs, which made cutting out easier than trying to cut in and out.  These are a bit fiddly to put together but I found that Bookbinding glue grabs and holds a bit better than PVA or other wet glue, thus meaning that the shoes didn’t need as much holding before they had stuck in place.)

Mythical Beings

I’m looking at the cards I’ve made that show angels and fairies and mermaids in this post.  There’s so much choice of designs on CUP.

I understand that Angels have bird wings and Fairies have butterfly wings, so this first batch are Angels.

1Angelica Bracket Pyramid2Lace Card Front Step by Step3Heavenly Angel Blessings - Pyramid4Angel Delight Shaker Card

  1.  Angelica Bracket Pyramid by Aisne Smith (The lovely bracket shape of this pyramid makes for a different card but isn’t too difficult to cut out.)
  2. Lace Card Front Step by Step by Ann-marie Vaux (A simple and stylish card).
  3. Heavenly Angel Blessings – Pyramid by Julene Harris (A lovely little angel pyramid with just straight edges
  4. Angel Delight Shaker Card by Katy Kinsey (Only straight cutting to make this card with a difference.  I used small seed beads inside.)

Next we have some fairies from the cute so loved by children to some a little bit different.

1Forest fairy foldback card2Fairy With Cats Wavy Edge3WATERLILY FAIRY decoupage4Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front5Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet

  1.  Forest fairy foldback card by Sue Foord (I didn’t cut out the individual fairy to stick on top because of the intricate cutting around the legs so you don’t always have to use every layer given just choose what you want.)
  2. Fairy With Cats Wavy Edge by Sheila Rodgers (A nice wavy edge is easy to cut and gives a lovely card.)
  3. WATERLILY FAIRY decoupage by Janet Briggs (A lovely sheet with a couple of mat elements, but there is difficult cutting out around the fairy.)
  4. Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front by Ammie Sanders (This card does require some intricate cutting but I didn’t cut out the “landlocked” areas between the wings and the body, etc., so made it a bit easier to make.)
  5. Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet by Katy Kinsey (The trickiest part of cutting this card out is getting between the stand and the card front that is situated inside it on the sheet, but it is only cutting oval and straight lines.)

And a mermaid.


  1. MERMAID AND SHELLS by  Karen Nash (Just straight edges to this card, but you do need a ruler and craft knife to cut out the inside triangles.)

Creatures of the Wild – 2

When I wrote my post of the 8th September I said that I’d made up lots of other cards with wild creatures on them and that I might put together another post to showcase a few more of them.  Well here is that post.

1Red Squirrel and Grey Rabbit watercolour paintings2frog in a pond foldback card3Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker4Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background5parrot quick card front with pyramage

  1. Red Squirrel and Grey Rabbit watercolour paintings by Pamela West (There are two water-coloured paintings on this sheet that can be used to make whatever style of card you want.  I just picked one for this pop-up card and re-sized it to fit before printing out, but the images could be adapted to any style of card you wanted as it is a designer resource sheet that allows for the card maker to become a designer and use the image in numerous ways.)
  2. Frog in a pond foldback card by Sally McIntyre (Straight lines only in this card.  All that’s needed is a ruler plus a craft knife and a ball tool to cut around half the front image and score the fold lines.)
  3. Hedgehog Quick Card Twisted Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke (This simple to cut twisted spiral side stacker design makes a lovely card with the sweet hedgehog character all by itself, but I stuck it onto the matching cut and fold card cup95543_359.)
  4. Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (This design sheet provides not only a lovely image of the chimpanzee but a background element and some decoupage layers as well.  The rounded shape of the chimpanzee body means that there are no really intricate bits to be cut out.)
  5. Parrot quick card front with pyramage by Michelle Johnson (This is indeed a quick card as the parrot image has already been incorporated into the matching background so just some straight cuts to the background and pyramid layers and you are ready to quickly put the card together.)

1Panelled Orangutan2Little Koala3Tiger Pyramid design4Panelled Squirrel5Lion Card Front Pyramid Design

  1. Panelled Orangutan by Sheila Rodgers (The panelled card style is easy to cut out and put together and makes nice cards with a different look.)
  2.  Little Koala by Linda Whittles (A nicely framed image with layers to pyramage.  Only straight lines to cut.)
  3. Tiger Pyramid design by Amy Cummings (Another easy to cut pyramid style card that comes with a strip of backing element.)
  4. Panelled Squirrel by Sheila Rodgers (Another easy to cut panelled card, this time of a lovely squirrel.)
  5. Lion Card Front Pyramid Design by Amy Cummings (A card where the whole card front is provided so that you don’t have to look for matching backing elements, and the added layers for the pyramid are straight, easy, cut as well, so a great little cards.  The colours make this ideal for a man.)

Domesticated Animals – A Bit More Exotic

There are those animals that are a bit more exotic but are also kept by man for either practical or decorative purposes.  Think of the camel being used in desert climates, or the fancy peacock in the gardens of stately homes in this country to name but two.

1Hot Sand2Peacock3Peacock Wavy Side Stacker4 harris hawk step by step

  1. Hot Sand by Deborah Davies (A simple to cut pyramage with a paper ribbon strip and some greetings boxes, one of which is left blank for your own greeting.)
  2. Peacock by Kristin Guyer (A pyramid with round instead of straight edges is found on this sheet.  Making it with blue tones makes it a suitable card for a man.)
  3. Peacock Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Although this design has a wavy side to each of the side stacker layers, the waves are not too tight and are therefore easier to cut out.)
  4. Harris hawk step by step by Sharon Trommelen (Some intricate cutting required, but shapes like the wing are rounded and therefore easy to cut out.)

Domesticated Animals – Pets

There are so many creatures that are kept as pets these days so looking for a card with an image of something of the same species that the recipient keeps could be a great way to go if you’re not sure what else the recipient likes.

Of course, cats and dogs are probably the most popular pets in this country so I’ll start with a small assortment of these:

1Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker2Just Dogs3Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid4Westie1 pyramid with background5Kitty

  1.  3 Kittens & 1 Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker by Emma Bee (Although the corner stacker for this card has deckle edge layers it isn’t particularly intricate to cut and makes a lovely card.)
  2.  Just Dogs by Karen Adair (This assortment of nine dog images can be used to make a variety of cards  I only used four to make this side waterfall card and have five images left for other cards.)
  3. Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (A lovely photo of a cat in a basket that looks great made as a twisted pyramid and is easy to cut out and make as well.)
  4. Westie1 pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (A lovely little image of a westie, that I chose because we’ve got a similar one ourselves, where the pyramid design suites the image perfectly bringing the head and nose towards the viewer, and to top it all it only has straight edge cutting for the backing and main elements, although I decided to cut out the individual little bones from the strip of bones, but this doesn’t have to be done.)
  5. Kitty by Sarah Lake (This is one design sheet where I made two cards.  One a small square and the other an easel card.  Both were easy to make as the only cutting involved was straight line cutting.)

Here are a couple of other examples of types of animals that have been domesticated as pets:

1HAMSTER’S AFRICAN VIOLETS PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY S ETC. 2White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background

  1. HAMSTER’S AFRICAN VIOLETS PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY S ETC. by Elaine Sheldrake (I gave the extra African violet’s a miss so the main panel and the centre panel were easy to cut out.  Just because it’s there you don’t have to use it if you find it too difficult to cut)
  2. White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (Although not as easy as a sheet with only straight cut, the decoupage layers were not too difficult to cut out as the body of the rabbit is rounded and there isn’t any need to be very fussy with the straw.)

Domesticated Animals – On The Farm

Whether domesticated pets to live in our homes, or animals that have been domesticated for food and transport that live on our farms, CUP has lots of cards that we can make up with images of domesticated animals.  Coming from the country as I do, I’ve decided to start with animals that are likely to be seen on a farm.

1Large White Goat2Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet3Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids4Highland Cattle Pyramid5Sheep & Lamb pyramid

  1. Large White Goat by Hilary Hallas (Straight edges only to cut, and an interesting form of side stacker that brings the goat’s face right towards you.)
  2. Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Again only straight edges to cut.  This image makes a card that’s sure to bring an Oh isn’t that cute! from the recipient.)
  3. Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids by Nick Bowley (An easy to cut pyramid makes for a quick card with this horse image.)
  4. Highland Cattle Pyramid by Allison Finegan (Another easy to cut and make pyramid.)
  5. Sheep & Lamb pyramid by Liz Harrison (Another quick and easy pyramid style card.)

And if you are looking for the Ahhhhh! factor in cards with a farm theme then look no further than:

1Farm Kids 2

  1. Farm Kids 2 by Carol Brown (Some more difficult decoupage layers to cut out here, but those pieces are mostly quite chunky so not the most intricate I’ve come across.)