Occasions – Congratulations

There are many occasions when a congratulations card is in order.  Somebody could have passed their driving test; done well in a music exam; perhaps they’ve gained a new coloured belt in karate; been chosen to represent their country at some sport; passed a lot of GCSE or A level exams; become engaged to be married; etc.  The list of reasons for giving a Congratulations card goes on and on, and therefore the type of image that can be used on such a card can also go on and on.

1Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids2Passed Driving Test Red. Inverted PyramidBooks Card Front4 Owls Pop Out Card5 Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh

  1. Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids by Nick Bowley (I used this as a congratulations for winning a horse class at a local show).
  2.  Passed Driving Test Red. Inverted Pyramid by Gordon Fraser (A great little card to congratulate a young person on passing their driving test).
  3. Books Card Front by Russ Smith (I’ve used two Llongyfarchiadau peel-offs on this card, the Welsh for Congratulations, and I think it will do nicely for a person who’s studied hard and passed their exams).
  4. Owls Pop Out Card by Sheila Rodgers (Another card that I thought would make a great congratulations card after passing exams.  This card is a bit fiddly to cut out the central white areas but didn’t take me too long to do).
  5. Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh by Nick Bowley (I think that this card would also make a great card to congratulate somebody on passing their driving test which is especially suitable for a Welsh person.  Large areas to cut out but the most fiddly was around the rear wheel arch).

1Celebration Diamond Top Card2Foot Baller3Piano Music Congratulations Pyramid4Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie5Biker

  1. Celebration Diamond Top Card by Deborah Davies (Although in this instance I’ve made the card up for somebody celebrating a wedding anniversary, I think it would make an equally nice card to congratulate somebody on their engagement).
  2. Foot Baller by Carol Brown (This card is listed under Father’s Day on CUP, but I think it would make a nice card to congratulate a boy on getting onto the school, town, county, etc., football team).
  3. Piano Music Congratulations Pyramid by Amy Cummings (A perfect card to congratulate somebody on doing well in their Piano exams).
  4. Dad’s White Shirt with Blue and Green Striped Tie by Julene Harris (Another card listed under Father’s Day on CUP but equaly suited to congratulate somebody on getting a new job).
  5. Biker by Sheila Wilks (If a car image is good to congratulate somebody on passing their car driving test then a bike image is equally as good to congratulate somebody for passing their bike test.  If the top layer is to fiddly for you to cut out you can either miss it out, or you can do what I did and cut off the shadow so that you are only cutting round the wheels at the bottom and not having the “landlocked” area between the shadow and the bottom of the bike to worry about).

So much choice – I’m sure that you could find a sheet on CUP to send to somebody to congratulate them on just about anything.