Creatures of the Wild

If you are hopeing to make a card showing somebody’s favourite creature then CUP has a wide choice available in lots of different styles.  (And most could be used for lots of different occasions as something that’s down for use for Mother’s Day could just as easily be used for a mother’s birthday, etc.)  From creatures of the land, to creatures of the sea, to creatures of the air, here are just a very small assortment of some I’ve made:


1Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupageWild Horse3Lion Cub4Giraffe Pyramid5WILD AT HEART

  1. Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage by Liz Harrison (This card does have a bit of intricate cutting, though it’s by no means the most difficult to cut out I’ve come across as the layers to be built up include the background and include quite rounded cutting.)
  2. Wild Horse by Sarah Lake (An easy card to cut out as just straight lines, and an easy card to make up as it includes a matching background so no need to go hunting to find something to go with the main image.)
  3. Lion Cub by Sheila Wilks (With a backing element, tags and an extra layer to decoupage this is a great little card.  To make the cutting easier I just went round the outline of the lion cub and didn’t attempt to get the shadows in.)
  4. Giraffe Pyramid by Chris Harland (One of my favourite cards that I’ve added a couple of small googly eyes too.  An ideal card for a child who just love this cute and quirky image, and it’s got the bonus of only having straight lines to cut making it easy to make as well.)
  5. WILD AT HEART by Val Ramon (A sheet of many toppers of wild animals which will make lots of quick cards just stuck on a suitable background.)


1 Dolphins oval pyramid with background2Under The Sea - The Dolphin3Seal Pup4Penguin Iris Folding Pattern

  1. Dolphins oval pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (Very easy to cut oval pyramid and the inclusion of the background element means that you’re guaranteed to have something to match.)
  2. Under The Sea – The Dolphin by Sarah Grant (The dolphin layers to cut out to decoupage on this card are relatively easy to cut out because of the rounded shape and no intricate areas.  Makes a great card for a child.)
  3. Seal Pup by Sheila Wilks (A lovely little seal pup resting up before heading out for a life at sea.  A nicely framed topper and a backing element with nothing difficult to cut out.)
  4. Penguin Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones (Another creature that’s starts life on the land but spends most of its life feeding at sea.)


1Tawny owl step by step2Bee flower pyramid3SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY FOR BIRTHDAYS GET WELL ANNIVERSARY ETC4Swallow Spiral Edge Stacker5lorikeet pyramid

  1. Tawny owl step by step by Sharon Trommelen (I found this reasonably easy to cut out as there are not a lot of intricate ins and outs, and it makes a stunning card when the layers are shaped to give dimension to the owl.)
  2. Bee flower pyramid by Liz Harrison (Lots of in and out cutting but nothing that’s too intricate and the different style of pyramid shape makes for an interesting card.)
  3. SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY FOR BIRTHDAYS GET WELL ANNIVERSARY ETC by Elaine Sheldrake (A nice and simple card to make and a lovely photo.)
  4. Swallow Spiral Edge Stacker by Eva Cano (Easy cutting for this card as it’s all strips with some rounded corners.  Makes a lovely card and because of the colour-tones it works for a man interested in bird watching as well.)
  5. lorikeet pyramid. by Sally McIntyre (An unusual shape for the pyramid layers which makes for a different look on the card while still only being straight lines to cut.)

I’ve got so many other cards made up which include photos, paintings and cartoon style images of wild creatures so I may put together another post to include wild creatures in the future, so check back again.

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