Domesticated Animals – On The Farm

Whether domesticated pets to live in our homes, or animals that have been domesticated for food and transport that live on our farms, CUP has lots of cards that we can make up with images of domesticated animals.  Coming from the country as I do, I’ve decided to start with animals that are likely to be seen on a farm.

1Large White Goat2Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet3Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids4Highland Cattle Pyramid5Sheep & Lamb pyramid

  1. Large White Goat by Hilary Hallas (Straight edges only to cut, and an interesting form of side stacker that brings the goat’s face right towards you.)
  2. Mummy duck and ducklings Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Again only straight edges to cut.  This image makes a card that’s sure to bring an Oh isn’t that cute! from the recipient.)
  3. Lovely Horse in a frame with Pyramids by Nick Bowley (An easy to cut pyramid makes for a quick card with this horse image.)
  4. Highland Cattle Pyramid by Allison Finegan (Another easy to cut and make pyramid.)
  5. Sheep & Lamb pyramid by Liz Harrison (Another quick and easy pyramid style card.)

And if you are looking for the Ahhhhh! factor in cards with a farm theme then look no further than:

1Farm Kids 2

  1. Farm Kids 2 by Carol Brown (Some more difficult decoupage layers to cut out here, but those pieces are mostly quite chunky so not the most intricate I’ve come across.)