Domesticated Animals – Pets

There are so many creatures that are kept as pets these days so looking for a card with an image of something of the same species that the recipient keeps could be a great way to go if you’re not sure what else the recipient likes.

Of course, cats and dogs are probably the most popular pets in this country so I’ll start with a small assortment of these:

1Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker2Just Dogs3Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid4Westie1 pyramid with background5Kitty

  1.  3 Kittens & 1 Puppy Tunnel Deckle Edge Side Stacker by Emma Bee (Although the corner stacker for this card has deckle edge layers it isn’t particularly intricate to cut and makes a lovely card.)
  2.  Just Dogs by Karen Adair (This assortment of nine dog images can be used to make a variety of cards  I only used four to make this side waterfall card and have five images left for other cards.)
  3. Ginger Cat Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (A lovely photo of a cat in a basket that looks great made as a twisted pyramid and is easy to cut out and make as well.)
  4. Westie1 pyramid with background by Liz Harrison (A lovely little image of a westie, that I chose because we’ve got a similar one ourselves, where the pyramid design suites the image perfectly bringing the head and nose towards the viewer, and to top it all it only has straight edge cutting for the backing and main elements, although I decided to cut out the individual little bones from the strip of bones, but this doesn’t have to be done.)
  5. Kitty by Sarah Lake (This is one design sheet where I made two cards.  One a small square and the other an easel card.  Both were easy to make as the only cutting involved was straight line cutting.)

Here are a couple of other examples of types of animals that have been domesticated as pets:

1HAMSTER’S AFRICAN VIOLETS PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY S ETC. 2White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background

  1. HAMSTER’S AFRICAN VIOLETS PEARLS & LACE BIRTHDAY S ETC. by Elaine Sheldrake (I gave the extra African violet’s a miss so the main panel and the centre panel were easy to cut out.  Just because it’s there you don’t have to use it if you find it too difficult to cut)
  2. White Rabbit 3D decoupage with background by Liz Harrison (Although not as easy as a sheet with only straight cut, the decoupage layers were not too difficult to cut out as the body of the rabbit is rounded and there isn’t any need to be very fussy with the straw.)