Domesticated Animals – A Bit More Exotic

There are those animals that are a bit more exotic but are also kept by man for either practical or decorative purposes.  Think of the camel being used in desert climates, or the fancy peacock in the gardens of stately homes in this country to name but two.

1Hot Sand2Peacock3Peacock Wavy Side Stacker4 harris hawk step by step

  1. Hot Sand by Deborah Davies (A simple to cut pyramage with a paper ribbon strip and some greetings boxes, one of which is left blank for your own greeting.)
  2. Peacock by Kristin Guyer (A pyramid with round instead of straight edges is found on this sheet.  Making it with blue tones makes it a suitable card for a man.)
  3. Peacock Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Although this design has a wavy side to each of the side stacker layers, the waves are not too tight and are therefore easier to cut out.)
  4. Harris hawk step by step by Sharon Trommelen (Some intricate cutting required, but shapes like the wing are rounded and therefore easy to cut out.)

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