Mythical Beings

I’m looking at the cards I’ve made that show angels and fairies and mermaids in this post.  There’s so much choice of designs on CUP.

I understand that Angels have bird wings and Fairies have butterfly wings, so this first batch are Angels.

1Angelica Bracket Pyramid2Lace Card Front Step by Step3Heavenly Angel Blessings - Pyramid4Angel Delight Shaker Card

  1.  Angelica Bracket Pyramid by Aisne Smith (The lovely bracket shape of this pyramid makes for a different card but isn’t too difficult to cut out.)
  2. Lace Card Front Step by Step by Ann-marie Vaux (A simple and stylish card).
  3. Heavenly Angel Blessings – Pyramid by Julene Harris (A lovely little angel pyramid with just straight edges
  4. Angel Delight Shaker Card by Katy Kinsey (Only straight cutting to make this card with a difference.  I used small seed beads inside.)

Next we have some fairies from the cute so loved by children to some a little bit different.

1Forest fairy foldback card2Fairy With Cats Wavy Edge3WATERLILY FAIRY decoupage4Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front5Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet

  1.  Forest fairy foldback card by Sue Foord (I didn’t cut out the individual fairy to stick on top because of the intricate cutting around the legs so you don’t always have to use every layer given just choose what you want.)
  2. Fairy With Cats Wavy Edge by Sheila Rodgers (A nice wavy edge is easy to cut and gives a lovely card.)
  3. WATERLILY FAIRY decoupage by Janet Briggs (A lovely sheet with a couple of mat elements, but there is difficult cutting out around the fairy.)
  4. Beautiful White Sparkle Fairy Card Front by Ammie Sanders (This card does require some intricate cutting but I didn’t cut out the “landlocked” areas between the wings and the body, etc., so made it a bit easier to make.)
  5. Brigit Fairy Flip Card Sheet by Katy Kinsey (The trickiest part of cutting this card out is getting between the stand and the card front that is situated inside it on the sheet, but it is only cutting oval and straight lines.)

And a mermaid.


  1. MERMAID AND SHELLS by  Karen Nash (Just straight edges to this card, but you do need a ruler and craft knife to cut out the inside triangles.)