Isn’t the world a beautiful place?  From peaceful cottages to spectacular sunsets there are some really lovely scenes available to make cards from on CUP.

Some sunsets:

1Desert Sunset Central Australia2Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker3Sunset Over City Side Stacker

  1.  Desert Sunset Central Australia by Robyn Cockburn (An easy to cut out design sheet that makes a stunning card.)
  2. Stunning Sunset Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (A similar style of topper type and image to the first card but this time the side stacker strips have one wavy edge instead of all straight.  These are quite easy to cut as the waves are not too tight.)
  3. Sunset Over City Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Another easy to cut straight edged side stacker.)

For many their favourite place to be is near water, on the coast, by the seaside.

1Butterfly on the Coast Ripple Side Stacker2Tranquil Beach-Themed Card Toppers3Silhouette pyramid4Theatre Fold Card - sunset5Sailing Away Pyramid Stacker

  1. Butterfly on the Coast Ripple Side Stacker by Carol Lepard (The ripple edge on this corner stacker isn’t too difficult to cut out and the corner stacker itself highlights the shape of the land, bringing it towards the viewer.)
  2. Tranquil Beach-Themed Card Toppers by Sarah Edwards (There are four lovely toppers on this design sheet.  A bit of fiddly cutting out around the top and bottom of the frame around each image but it isn’t too difficult.)
  3. Silhouette pyramid by Linda Whittles (The water can be seen in the foreground of this lovely image set up as a straight edge pyramid, so all the layers are ready to cut out.)
  4. Theatre Fold Card – sunset 1 and Theatre Fold Card – sunset 2 by Karin Johansson (Two sheets were required to make this lovely theatre fold card with a pyramid topper.  Both sheets only involved straight cutting making it an easy card to make.)
  5. Sailing Away Pyramid Stacker by June Harrop (Straight edges only to this pyramid topper.)

For others a tranquil setting in the country is more to their liking.

1Lavender Fields - Original art2Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet3A walk through Bluebell Woods4Woodland Walk Side Step Stacker

  1.  Lavender Fields – Original art by Pamela West (This is a Designer Resource more than a design sheet, which means that you can make your own style of card using the design.  I simply re-sized it so that it would fit inside an oval aperture I’d cut out of another sheet from CUP – cup102803_359 – A5 ‘Silver Metallic Frame’ Card Front or insert – but you could make it into an oval or square topper, side stacker, pyramid, etc., whatever you felt like.)
  2. Happy Fathers Day Pyramid Card Design Sheet by Mandy Russell (Just simple to cut ovals for this card which shows a nice peaceful scene.)
  3. A walk through Bluebell Woods by Helen Williams (Just a small number of easy to cut layers on this design sheet so making the card didn’t involve any intricate cutting.)
  4. Woodland Walk Side Step Stacker by Ammie Sanders (Triangular pieces on all four sides make up the stepper on this card, but it is easy to cut out as all straight lines.)