There are many people who love all things oriental.  There are some lovely oriental themed design sheets available on CUP, many of them very easy to cut out and put together if you have problems cutting, etc.

1Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker Card Front2Oriental Dragon3Japanese Lady Lilac Decoupage4Lady of the East5Black Lotus Flower Oriental Hand Fan 3D Topper

  1.  Oriental Garden Ladies Spiral Edge Stacker Card Front by Ann-marie Vaux (Just straight edge cutting for this design.  The topper could be used on a square card of the same size as the topper or, as I’ve done with this card, used on a larger card.)
  2. Oriental Dragon by Sally McIntyre (A simple to cut square pyramid stacker with an extra oval piece that can be used on the back, inside, or as a tag.)
  3. Japanese Lady Lilac Decoupage by Sandie Burchell (The Japanese Lady pieces to decoupage are not intricate so this card isn’t too difficult to cut out and can be put together in a number of different ways to make the finished card.)
  4. Lady of the East by Angela Wake (Another lovely card topper that can be used as it is as a card front on a card the same size or, as I’ve done, used on a larger card.  As well as having the main design element the sheet provides the two ladies as smaller, individual, toppers and also on their own to cut out, which is the most difficult thing to cut for this card but could be left off if you find them too difficult.)
  5. Black Lotus Flower Oriental Hand Fan 3D Topper by Ann-marie Vaux (Easy to cut rounded edge pieces only on this design sheet and makes a lovely layered topper, but you could just use the base layer if you wanted to make a quick card.)

1Oriental Octagon Quick Card

  1.  Oriental Octagon Quick Card by Jean Gordon (Sometimes you just need a quick card and there’s nothing quicker than a print and cut card as there’s no need to find extra card or any extras unless you want to.  Just print onto a good quality card and cut out.  You can add the extra layer of the centre panel if you want to, but you don’t have to.)