Flowers are said to be the most used image on cards, whether hand made or shop bought.  From subtle to bright.  From spring through to winter.  There are all sorts of easy to cut design sheets with flowers on available from CUP.

1Daffodil Cutaway Card 2White and Pink Roses Theatre fold Card 3Floral Toppers 4Pink Flowers Shattered Pyramid5Abundance of flowers

  1. Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 1 and Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 2 by Sarah Edwards (Two sheets printed back to back onto card make this simple to cut out and put together card.  Only straight edges to cut).
  2. White and Pink Roses Theatre fold Card by Jean Gordon (Another card where the design sheet contains the card base, so if printed onto good card there’s no need to find an additional card base.  The rose and bow are a bit more intricate to cut out, but are not the most intricate I’ve seen, and as the main card has the image the additional bits don’t all need to be added.)
  3. Floral Toppers by Angie Palmer (9 different sized, straight edged, floral toppers that can be used singly on a small card or by putting on a few for a larger card.)
  4. Pink Flowers Shattered Pyramid by Sarah Edwards (This card has many pieces to cut out but they are all straight edged triangles, other than the main image which is rectangular.)
  5. Abundance of flowers by Angela Wake (The wavy edge of the corner stacker is the most difficult bit to cut out on this card and this is not particularly difficult, just waving back and fore.)

1Runner Bean Flowers 2Shabby Chic Rose Toppers 2 Mix N Match 3Red Begonia Pyramid 4Diamond Roses  5PRETTY WHITE FLOWERS IN SILVER FRAME

  1.  Runner Bean Flowers by Linda Whittles (We don’t often look at the flowers on our vegetable plants but this runner bean flower makes a lovely card.  With a backing element, topper and paper ribbon on the design sheet it’s easy to make a nice card.)
  2. Shabby Chic Rose Toppers 2 Mix N Match by Ammie Sanders (An assortment of six toppers in several different sizes as well as two blank greetings panels mean that you can make several cards using this design sheet, and using one of the co-ordinating Shabby ChicRose Backing Papers gives a lovely finished card without any difficult cutting out.)
  3. Red Begonia Pyramid by Rebecca Brindley (The oval topper is easy to cut out and you can decide whether or not to cut out the more difficult corner flowers.  The Red Begonia design comes with co-ordinating backing paper and insert.)
  4. Diamond Roses by Sarah Grant (This card requires only straight line cutting but it does involve some cutting out of pieces inside the layers which some may find more difficult, but it does result in a lovely card with a different look.)
  5. PRETTY WHITE FLOWERS IN SILVER FRAME, Pyramids by Nick Bowley (Straight edges only for cutting out to make the pyramid and you can opt to use the bow element or not, as you want.)

1Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet 2Iris magic with ribbon add your own greeting 3Bougainvillea pyramid 4Pink Orchids Wavy Pyramid 5INTERTWINED PYRAMID red rose oval

  1.  Just Roses Twisted Pyramage sheet by Carol Clarke (This pyramage sheet has two two twisted pyramages that make two cards.  The Just Roses series has matching backing paper as well that co-ordinates with the pyramage and helps to make a lovely card.)
  2. Iris magic with ribbon add your own greeting by Sally McIntyre (The sheet has a paper ribbon and blank greetings panels in addition to the iris pyramid and the elements are easy to cut out and put together to make a fantastic cards either on their own or on a larger card with additional backing.)
  3. Bougainvillea pyramid by Linda Whittles (A straightforward to cut square pyramid with a few additional elements on the sheet.
  4. Pink Orchids Wavy Pyramid by Annelies Brown (The wavy edge of this pyramid isn’t much more difficult to cut than a straight edge pyramid but gives a different look to the card.  I didn’t cut out the two individual flowers but the sheet still makes a lovely card.)
  5. INTERTWINED PYRAMID red rose oval by Sally McIntyre (Straight cut strips are stuck onto the base image to build up the intertwined pyramid on this card to make an unusual card.)