Scenery 2

On the 27th of September I included some cards with images of scenery showing on them in my blog but I’ve realised that I’ve got a large number of cards made up with design sheets from CUP that have scenery on them, so here are just a few more.

1Mountains Castle CardA Place To RelaxOver the Rainbow Side Stacker 4Mountains Overlooking Lake Wavy Side Stacker 5Train ‘Puffing Billy’ - French Windows

  1.  Mountains Castle Card SHEET 1 and Mountains Castle Card SHEET 2 by Sarah Edwards (A card which requires two sheets to make but is easy to cut out and put together.)
  2. A Place To Relax by Sheila Rodgers (A lovely, relaxing, scene on a quick to make card front.  You could use the card front and the framed inner picture layered up or use them on two separate cards.)
  3. Over the Rainbow Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Only straight cuts to make this side stacker which could be used on a card the same size as the main image, or matted and layered onto a larger card.)
  4. Mountains Overlooking Lake Wavy Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards (Another side stacker but this time with wavy edges on the inside, which isn’t too difficult to cut.)
  5. Train ‘Puffing Billy’ – French Windows by Faith Wootton (We see a scene through a window on this card so a craft knife and ruler is probably best for cutting out the squares from the window panes.  You could put acetate behind if you wanted.)

1 Snow Covered Trees Shattered Pyramid Sheet

  1. Snow Covered Trees Shattered Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Lots of little triangular pieces build up on the main image to create a different type of pyramid, but they are still simple to cut out as all straight lines.)