Flowers 2

On the 5th of October I picked a few of the cards I’d made with flowers on to showcase.  Here are a few more cards on the same theme.

1Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card  2Purple rhododendron  3Sunflower and nuts  4Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow  5Pretty Bouquet Pyramage + Vellum

  1.  Butterfly Lace Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke (A simple print, cut, and fold card which I’ve just embellished with some glitter and a bow.)
  2. Purple rhododendron by Linda Whittles (A topper and a nicely co-ordinating piece of backing paper with a ribbon border make it easy to create a lovely card with this sheet.)
  3. Sunflower and nuts by Matt Collins (There are five toppers in three different sizes on this design sheet.  I used three on my card but the five could be used on different cards.)
  4. Pink and White Roses with Jewelled Bow by June Young (This sheet has circular layers to cut out, together with a bow which could be left off if you find the cutting too difficult, so a nice easy card to make up.)
  5. Pretty Bouquet Pyramage + Vellum by Sue Maycock (Just straight edges to cut out to make up this lovely sheet into a card.  The inclusion of the “vellum” makes sure that the backing co-ordinates.)

1Panelled Carnations  2Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum  3Daffodil with purple flowers  4Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front  5Spring Flowers Cut and Fold Card

  1. Panelled Carnations by Sheila Rodgers (This image really suites this panelled style, and it’s easy to cut out as well.)
  2. Oval Roses Pyramage + Vellum by Sue Maycock (Another sheet with a co-ordinating “vellum” backing piece.  The topper layers are all oval, so no intricate cutting out.)
  3. Daffodil with purple flowers by Eva Cano (The side stacker layers on this card have an easy to cut wavy edge.)
  4. Yellow Floral Topper on Card Front by Barbara Alderson (Just straight edges to cut for this pyramid topper.  I didn’t cut out the paper bow on the sheet.)
  5. Spring Flowers Cut and Fold Card by Carol Clarke (Another quick and easy to make, print, cut and fold cards.  This time I’ve decorated with some small faux gems.)

Click through here to see lots of other cards I’ve made with flowers images on, as well as many others, that I’ve got displayed in my card maker area on CUP.

(If you click on the card images you will see larger photos of the cards and if you click on the card titles below the images you will be taken to the design sheets I used to make the cards.  Please do click and have a look.)