CUP Designers

craftsUprint has around 150 designers, some of which are artists in their own right and create everything themselves whereas others either buy or licence designers resources from many sources and then digitally create their own design sheets from these bought in elements.  With such a diversity of designers you are sure to find a design to suit your recipient on CUP, and if you can’t – well there’s always the “Ask a Designer” area on the associated forum for you to put in your requests.

For my next few posts I think I’ll concentrate on a single designer for each post, but to give you an idea – here are the names of the just a small number of the designers I’ve used design sheets from, in no particular order, with one example for each designer :

1Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card2Parrots in the Rainforest Pyramid Sheet3Iris magic with ribbon add your own greeting4Were’s My Lippy?5Wedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card

  1. Carol Clarke –  Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card
  2. Sarah EdwardsParrots in the Rainforest Pyramid Sheet
  3. Sally McIntyreIris magic with ribbon add your own greeting
  4. Deborah DaviesWere’s My Lippy?
  5. Ammie SandersWedding Chappel with Bride & Groom 5 Minute Easel Card

1Baby Hand  2Lion Card Front Pyramid Design  3Stained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid  4Birthday Rose Toppers and Ribbons  5Lady of the East

  1. Linda WhittlesBaby Hand
  2. Amy CummingsLion Card Front Pyramid Design
  3. Sheila RodgersStained Glass Angel Twisted Pyramid
  4. Rebecca BrindleyBirthday Rose Toppers and Ribbons
  5. Angela WakeLady of the East

Most of the ten examples above are very easy to cut out, but a few have slightly more intricate cutting.

As my cards are made for a lot of different people, with different tastes, I’ve tried to go for a variety of different styles of designs and different topper types.  Despite this general perusing around CUP to get a variety, for the majority of my cards I still find myself drawn to a high percentage of designs from the same dozen or so designers, but must have got some designs from over fifty designers.  If you’ve read my previous blog posts you may already have noticed some of the names that appear time and time again.  As well as being drawn to the designs from these people it could also be that these designers are the ones that create topper styles of a type that I find easiest to cut out with my problems, and also easiest to put together.

I’m sure that all CUP customers find themselves drawn to certain styles and card types, so why don’t you click through to the site to pick out your favourites.