Uploaded Some New Card Photos To CUP

I made some more cards yesterday, uploaded their photos to CUP and got the lot verified before bed time.  That’s good going for me.  Here are five examples from the batch of ten cards I made (although they involved a few more sheets as I used some backing and inserts):

1Angel Wobble Card 2Diamante Dragonflies Circle Pyramage Topper 3Party Night Toppers 4Stained Glass Xmas Nativity, Shaped Card 5Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid

  1. Angel Wobble Card by Deborah Davies
  2. Diamante Dragonflies Circle Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke
  3. Party Night Toppers by Rebecca Brindley (also used in this card was the Backing Paper and Insert)
  4. Stained Glass Xmas Nativity, Shaped Card by Sheila Rodgers
  5. Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid by Gordon Fraser

The first one had slightly more intricate cutting out than the others as it involved more than just straight, curved or circular cutting, but I wouldn’t say it was really difficult as the pieces are quite chunky and have wide black lines.

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here.