CUP Designer – Rebecca Brindley

Today it’s the turn of Rebecca Brindley’s designs to be highlighted on my blog.  On looking through my list of the cards I’ve uploaded to CUP, which appear on the page with the designer’s sheet that I used to create the card, I notice that I’ve used over a dozen of her designs sheets, with a few more I’m working on at the moment. Here are a few of those cards with a link to the sheets appearing below.  You’ll notice I’ve picked several sheets from the same design sets, such as pyramids and inserts, or quick cards and toppers, etc.

1Birthday Rose Quick Card In Lilac 2Birthday Rose Toppers and Ribbons 3Peaceful Times Pyramid 4Peaceful Times Decoupage 5Red Begonia Pyramid

  1. Birthday Rose Quick Card In Lilac
  2. Birthday Rose Toppers and Ribbons
  3. Peaceful Times Pyramid
  4. Peaceful Times Decoupage
  5. Red Begonia Pyramid

1Lady of the Lake Toppers 2Love Bear Pyramid 3Party Night Toppers 4Lady of the Lake Gatefold Insert 5Red Begonia Insert

  1. Lady of the Lake Toppers
  2. Love Bear Pyramid
  3. Party Night Toppers
  4. Lady of the Lake Gatefold Insert
  5. Red Begonia Insert

Most of these examples were easy to cut out and make although some required a bit more intricate cutting out, such as the Begonias and Peaceful Times.  They are just a sample of the cards I’ve made using this designer’s design sheets.

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here.

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here.