CUP Designer – Amy Cummings

Today I’m looking at Amy Cummings’s designs.  On looking through my list of the cards I’ve uploaded to CUP, which appear on the page with the designer’s sheet that I used to create the card, I notice that I’ve used over a dozen of her designs sheets. From cards for children to give to teachers, to great men’s cards including inserts, there is a lovely variety of designs available.  Here are a few of those cards with a link to the sheets appearing below.

1Lion Card Front Pyramid Design 2Easter Bunnies in Teacups Card Front 3Sporty Car Card Front 4DIY/ Decorating Card Front 5Piano Music Congratulations Pyramid

  1. Lion Card Front Pyramid Design
  2. Easter Bunnies in Teacups Card Front
  3. Sporty Car Card Front
  4. DIY/ Decorating Card Front
  5. Piano Music Congratulations Pyramid

1Port glass Pyramid Design 2Thank You Teacher! Male Pyramid Design 3Tiger Pyramid design 4DIY Tool kit insert 5Classroom Pyramid and Border Design

  1. Port glass Pyramid Design
  2. Thank You Teacher! Male Pyramid Design
  3. Tiger Pyramid design
  4. DIY Tool kit insert
  5. Classroom Pyramid and Border Design

Every one of these were easy to cut out only having straight edge cutting.  They are just a small example the cards I’ve made using this designer’s design sheets.

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here.

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here.