Some More New Cards and a Calendar

I’ve had a good few days, when I’ve been able to make cards, so I’ve now got twenty more items online than I had the first day of the month.  I hope the pains in my arms and back, that have come on worse because of this hard work, will have eased off by the end of the week to allow me to make up some more of the ones I’ve cut out while watching the TV since the beginning of the weekend.  But even if it doesn’t there’s already a lot more items online that I haven’t highlighted in my blog posts yet, so keep coming back to check.

When I first saw Vicki Avcin demonstrate making a Desktop Calendar on CUP TV – here – I was really impressed.  I’ve since gone on to buy some of the kits, including the Greetings from Wales one.

Wales Desktop Calendar

 Wales Desktop Calendar

 I think the whole range Vicki’s done are great.  View some more by clicking here.

Here are just five more of the cards I’ve made this week.

1Church Snow Mini Card Envelope Pointy Stacker AIO  2Mmm… Fresh Fruit Pyramid Toppers  3DIY Carpenter/Joiner Dude Pyramid  4RED ROSES & LACE Pyramids  5Purple Flutterby Blossoms Toppers

  1. Church Snow Mini Card Envelope Pointy Stacker AIO by Ann-marie Vaux (Sweet little card, easy to cut out, and a matching envelope on the same design sheet.  Great.)
  2. Mmm… Fresh Fruit Pyramid Toppers by Sarah Edwards (Two easy to make pyramids on one card which can be used to make small cards, or embellished up, like in my example.)
  3. DIY Carpenter/Joiner Dude Pyramid by Gordon Fraser (I actually got some sticky back plastic out for this card, one with a light wood grain effect pattern.  I thought it went well with this easy to cut joiner pyramid.)
  4. RED ROSES & LACE Pyramids by Nick Bowley (A simple to cut pyramid design which would have made a lovely small card just mounted, but I chose to use it with gold mirror card and iridescent red card, together with some fine crystal glitter, to make it even more special.)
  5. Purple Flutterby Blossoms Toppers by Rebecca Brindley (I’ve used the matching backing paper and insert to make this card.  The most difficult things to cut out were the two flowers and the butterfly that are added on top of the three right hand squares, but they could be left off if the cutting causes you problems.  And there are more toppers on the sheet than I’ve used, so even more cards from one sheet – great value.)