Making Welsh Cards

Many of you will already have realised that I’m Welsh.  The vast majority of the cards I make either have a Welsh greeting or no greeting (allowing for any greeting to be added, if needed, once the recipient is known).  You may say “but craftsUprint don’t supply design sheets with Welsh greetings”, and you would be mostly right.  But that doesn’t stop me making Welsh cards using design sheets I’ve bought via CUP.  By looking carefully at the different designs it is possible to find lots of design sheets where there is no greeting integral to the design, in fact, many designers go as far as putting blank greetings panels on their design sheets to allow the card maker to choose their own greeting.  This allows the card to be used, not only for many occasions, with many different greetings in English, but for Welsh greetings to be added.  And it isn’t confined to Welsh – you could make the cards up in any language you want.  You could use the same design sheet and make a card up in half a dozen different languages if you wish.  That’s versatility!

I’ve selected a small number of the cards I’ve made up using Welsh greetings to highlight in this blog post.

1Santa Got Stuck Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid  2Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid  3Books Card Front  4Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet  5GSD Celtic Style Cross & Mats

  1. Santa Got Stuck Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (Just a simple “Nadolig Llawen” [Happy Christmas] green peel-off added).
  2. Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid by Gordon Fraser (Added a silver “Brysiwch Well” peel-off to this card to make it a Get Well Soon card.)
  3. Books Card Front by Russ Smith (This card was made as a Congratulations card when somebody had studied hard and did well in her exams, so two “Llongyfarchiadau” peel-offs were put along the spine of two of the books.)
  4. Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (I used a “Penblwydd Hapus” peel-off on this to make a Happy Birthday card.)
  5. GSD Celtic Style Cross & Mats by Angela Burke and Wavey edged gatefold card by Sue Bryant (I used two designs cut using my CraftROBO to make this Happy Birthday card, putting a “Penblwydd Hapus” peel-off greeting across the top left corner.)

1THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD  2Puppy love sheet  3Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold  4Sunset Wedding Pyramage  5Blue Roses Theatre-fold Card for Anniversary/Birthday

  1. THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD by Clive Couter (Another design cut using my CraftROBO.  This time I used banner pre-printed with a foiled “Nadolig Llawen” to make this beautiful Christmas card.)
  2. Puppy love sheet by Julie Green (This Best Wishes, “Dymuniadau Gorau” card could be used for many occasions.)
  3. Butterflies & Clematis Theatre Fold by Hazel Kinvig-Paul (A simple to make card to which I just added some “Dathliad Hapus” [Happy Celebration] peel-offs.)
  4. Sunset Wedding Pyramage by Deborah Davies (I printed “Ar Dydd Eich Priodas” onto the greetings tab of this card with a Xyron Design Runner to make a lovely On Your Wedding Day card.)
  5. Blue Roses Theatre-fold Card for Anniversary/Birthday by Valerie Dawes (“Penblwydd Priodas Hapus” peel-offs were added to this card to make a lovely Happy Anniversary card.)

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.