CUP Designers – Sue Bryant

 My blog post today is looking at some of the cards I’ve made using CraftROBO GSD files created by Sue Bryant.  Having different card shapes adds to our crafting ability when card making, but who amongst the readers of this blog post, would be confident cutting out these base cards by hand?  The stepper card possibly with a template, but getting even scallops and wavy sides gets more difficult, and I wouldn’t even attempt to start the chevron and circle chevron.  Yet all these shapes are easy to create using a CraftROBO and the relevant cutting file.  All these files can be cut out in both versions of the CraftROBO.

1Spring up card Scalloped edge  2Chevron card  3Side stepper card  4Circle Chevron card  5Wavey edged gatefold card

  1. Spring up card Scalloped edge
  2. Chevron card
  3. Side stepper card
  4. Circle Chevron card
  5. Wavey edged gatefold card

As a CraftROBO is used to cut out these intricate designs there is no hand cutting involved, making the cards easy to make for somebody with dexterity problems.

If you have been dropping hints about getting a CraftROBO as a gift this Christmas remember to come back to my blog and re-read my various posts highlighting the different kinds of things you can make with it.

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