Some More New Cards Uploaded To CUP

 After a lot of waiting around for enough light to photograph the cards I’ve made during the last week I, at last, got a chance to do so on Saturday, so I’ve now got a new batch of cards uploaded and verified on CUP.

1Cute Toppers  2NATIVITY SCENE SQUARE SPIRAL EDGE STACKER CHRISTMAS CARD  3Full English Breakfast Decoupage  4Midwinter Day Wavy Corner Stacker  5Roses and Violets Star Pyramid

  1. Cute Toppers by Sheila Wilks (Six quick and cute cards to make with only straight edge cutting.)
  2. Nativity Scene Square Spiral Edge Stacker Christmas Card by Elaine Sheldrake (Again, only straight edges to cut but it builds up into a dimensional picture.)
  3. Full English Breakfast Decoupage by Sarah Edwards (This design is just a bit different to the usual greetings cards but, although you are cutting out around different shapes, because they have a distinct black outline and are more curved than intricate, they are reasonably easy to cut out.)
  4. Midwinter Day Wavy Corner Stacker by Hilary Hallas (Although not all straight lines the wavy corners were not difficult to cut.  The wavy corners give some depth to the card.)
  5. Roses and Violets Star Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers (Although the pyramid is star shaped each layer is a square and therefore easy to cut out.)

1Flower on Misty Blue  2Leather & Gold  3Golden Star Cascade

  1. Flower on Misty Blue by Sheila Rodgers (With only straight edges this card is easy to cut out and put together.)
  2. Leather & Gold by Sheila Wilks (These bookmarks are easy to cut out and make whether you want to print them onto card and just cut and leave as they are or whether you mount them onto a heavier card and cut again with a border.)
  3. Golden Star Cascade by Sheila Wilks (A card that only has straight cutting but makes a lovely star card.)

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.