CUP Designer – Luanne Collins

The cards I’m highlighting today were made using designs created by Luanne Collins.  These are all CraftROBO Print and Cut designs.  These require the CraftROBO CC330-20 (the CraftROBO Lite CC300-20 can not do Print and Cut).   The CraftROBO puts marks on these Print and Cut designs that, once the software has sent the design to your printer and the output is loaded into the Robo, the CraftROBO’s “eye” reads the registration marks to work out exactly where it needs to cut.  Provided the right settings are chosen for the type of paper/card used, the Craft ROBO cuts far neater than I could possibly cut by hand.

1Glamour Print and CUT  2Wild West Print and CUT  3Bugs Print and CUT  4Tutti Fruity Print and CUT  5Tech Games Print and CUT

  1. Glamour Print and CUT (I just used a little background and scattered some of the cut out elements around to make a girly card from this design sheet.)
  2.  Wild West Print and CUT (I used two different blue backgrounds behind an assortment of elements from this sheet to make a birthday card.)
  3. Bugs Print and CUT (I used bugs from this sheet to decorate a side step card for a youngster who’s fascinated by all things yucky.)
  4. Tutti Fruity Print and CUT (I made an unusual card front with items from this sheet – a kitchen counter with a paper bag of fruit.)
  5. Tech Games Print and CUT (For this card I used an old DVDas a background element before sticking on an assortment of tech items.)

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