Designs With A Welsh Theme

As I’m Welsh I’ve chosen some designs from CUP that have a Welsh theme. From cards with daffodils, the flower of Wales, to items with the Welsh flag on, there’s probably more than you’d expect with a Welsh theme available from CUP.

1Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag  2Daffodil Cascade  3Daffodil  4Daffodil with purple flowers  5Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 1

  1. Welsh Mini Cooper Decoupage On Welsh Flag by Nick Bowley (The most fiddly bit to cut out to make this card is around the back wheel arch.)
  2. Daffodil Cascade by Diana Hutchinson (Straight edges only to cut out the panels for this card so an easy one to make.)
  3. Daffodil by Sue Maycock (As you have to cut around each of the flower pieces this isn’t the best one for people with dexterity problems, but it does make a lovely card once all the flower pieces are put together, and as an added bonus the sheet includes the backing paper as well.)
  4. Daffodil with purple flowers by Eva Cano (An easy card to make as only straight and wavy cutting is needed.  The whole of the centre panel gives the illusion of being raised, although it is printed as part of the card front, and then the wavy side panels are added.)
  5. Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 1 by Sarah Edwards (You need two sheets to make this card, so add Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 2 to your cart as well.  Once printed back to back it’s all straight cutting so easy to make up).

1Wales 2011 Desktop Calendar  2Wales Design

  1. Wales 2011 Desktop Calendar by Vicki Avcin (Other than a little cutting around the character’s head it’s all straight cutting to make this great calendar which makes a great little gift that’s easy to post.)
  2. Wales Design by Deborah Davies (All straight edges to cut out so an easy to make pyramid card.)

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You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top block to see my cards.