CUP Designer – Carol Clarke (2nd post)

Since I wrote my first blog post highlighting cards I’d made using design sheets created by the designer Carol Clarke I’ve now passed the 50 sheet mark, including some backing sheets, that I’ve used to make cards.  I therefore thought it was an opportune moment to look through my cards and select another ten to highlight.

Click on the card image to see a larger version of the image.

Click on the  sheet title below to see the design sheet used in each case.

1When Words Fail book sheet  2Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card  3Rugby Quick Card with pyramage  4Flowers & Pearls Fold Back Card with Decoupage  5Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage

  1. When Words Fail book sheet
  2. Non-Religious Sympathy Quick Card
  3. Rugby Quick Card with pyramage
  4. Flowers & Pearls Fold Back Card with Decoupage
  5. Little Chick Quick Card with Pyramage

1Flowers & Pearls Quick card with Corner Wavy side stacker  2Champagne & Flowers Teardrop  3Piggywig Quick Card with Decoupage  4Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet  5Cards Side Stacker

  1. Flowers & Pearls Quick card with Corner Wavy side stacker
  2. Champagne & Flowers Teardrop
  3. Piggywig Quick Card with Decoupage
  4. Fluttery Butterfly Twisted Pyramage sheet
  5. Cards Side Stacker

Most of these examples were easy to cut out and make, mostly straight cutting although a few had a bit more intricate cutting out.  They are just a small example the cards I’ve made using this designer’s design sheets.  You’ll notice that three of the cards come with a little bookmark as a gift as well.

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