Different Card Types 1

Have you ever thought about the many different types of topper and card shapes and styles that are available as downloads via craftsUprint?  I suddenly realised the other day that I’ve used such a variety of styles since I started buying from CUP.  Here are just a few of them.  As you are looking – note that there are a variety of image types as well as card styles, which means that there is something suitable for men, women and children.

1When Words Fail Teardrop Card  2Victorian Roses Book Sheet  3Enchanted Puppies Inverted Tunnel  4Corner Wavy side stacker  5The Secret Garden - NEW SHAPE CORNER STACKER

  1. Teardrop : When Words Fail Teardrop Card by Carol Clarke
  2. Book Sheet : Victorian Roses Book Sheet by Russ Smith
  3. Inverted Tunnel : Enchanted Puppies Inverted Tunnel by Emma Bee
  4. Corner Wavy side stacker (1 corner) : Flowers & Pearls Quick card with Corner Wavy side stacker by Carol Clarke
  5. Corner stacker (4 corners) : The Secret Garden – NEW SHAPE CORNER STACKER by Karen Adair

Cards 1 and 2 above had some intricate cutting for the decoupage elements, but the card can be made without adding these if you find them too difficult.  Style 3 can be a bit tricky as you are cutting out from within the design.
1Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid  2Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card  3WILD AT HEART  4Black & Gold Gatefold Quick Card  5Seal Pup

  1. Circular Pyramid : Get Well Soon Doctor Dude Circle Pyramid by Gordon Fraser
  2. Print/Cut/Fold : Rosie’s Flower Cut and Fold Quick Card by Carol Clarke
  3. Toppers : WILD AT HEART by Val Ramon
  4. Gatefold : Black & Gold Gatefold Quick Card by Lorraine Smith
  5. Topper with backing panel : Seal Pup by Sheila Wilks

Card 1 has cutting out rounds and all the rest are straight cutting only.

  And those are not the lot so I’ll do another blog post in a few days time with some more types.

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.