Food and Drink

Party season is fast coming.  Lots of special dinners and parties to celebrate Christmas – the birth of our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.  And can there be anything more momentous in history worth celebrating?

Admittedly, some of us overindulge on rich food during the Christmas season, and unfortunately others greatly overindulge on drink (to the point of not even remembering who they are, never mind remembering the reason for the celebrating in the first place).  But the beauty of indulging in great crafty design sheets from CUP that feature food and drink is that it won’t put inches round the hips or leave you with a bad head the following morning.

Here are some of the cards I’ve made using Food and Drink designs bought from CUP.

Firstly, some gifts – and what better than a nice box of chocolates to take along to your hostess?:

1For a chocolate lover  2Chocolates on Chocolate Card

  1. For a chocolate lover by Linda Whittles (some in and out cutting on the chocolate pieces for decoupaging, but you could miss out some of the layers.)
  2. Chocolates on Chocolate Card by Helen Williams (straightforward to cut and make.)

All the bottles on the first card would be enough for quite a large party.  Or perhaps you prefer a cocktail?

1Bottles of Wine Triangle Stacker  2Titbits and wine  3Champagne & Flowers Teardrop  4Champagne for 2  5NEON WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CHAMPAGNE & GLASSES - RUBY DIAMOND

  1. Bottles of Wine Triangle Stacker by Sarah Edwards (only straight line cutting on this card.  I made it a little different by using acetate as the base card.)
  2. Titbits and wine by Angela Wake (straight line only cutting again for this one, but the octagon shape of the pyramid layers gives a different look from the standard, square pyramid.)
  3. Champagne & Flowers Teardrop by Carol Clarke (the bottles and glass element does require some intricate cutting, but the main base and front of the teardrop card is easy to cut and could be left without the added decoupage element.)
  4. Champagne for 2 by Deborah Davies (another straight cut square pyramid on this card, so easy to make).
  5. NEON WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CHAMPAGNE & GLASSES – RUBY DIAMOND by Elaine Sheldrake (an easy to make card.)

What about something really nice to finish off a meal?  Are you a sweet pudding person or a piece of fresh fruit person?  And a nice cup of coffee to finish off a great meal is good as well.
1Sweet Desserts Pyramid Sheet  2Banana Split  3Mmm… Fresh Fruit Pyramid Toppers  4Coffee time Fan Pyramage Topper

  1. Sweet Desserts Pyramid Sheet by Sarah Edwards (another straight edge pyramid, so again – easy to cut)
  2. Banana Split by Sheila Wilks (another very easy to cut and make card.)
  3. Mmm… Fresh Fruit Pyramid Toppers by Sarah Edwards (there are two, straight cut, pyramid toppers on the design sheet used to make this card, making it good value for money.)
  4. Coffee time Fan Pyramage Topper by Carol Clarke (This topper is unusual, but the fan pieces are still easy to cut out as it is only straight and curved pieces.)

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards below.