Different Card Types 2

A short while ago I did a blog post highlighting some of the different card types I’d made using design sheets bought from craftsUprint.

That time I highlighted one of each of the following types – Teardrop; Book Sheet; Inverted Tunnel; Corner Wavy side stacker (1 corner); Corner stacker (4 corners); Circular Pyramid; Print/Cut/Fold; Toppers; Gatefold; Topper with backing panel – which can be seen by clicking – here.

Here are a few more card types for you to consider making:

1Peaceful Times Decoupage  2Lager Diamond Top  3Football Stadium Pyramid  4Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid  5friends out on the town

  1. Decoupage : Peaceful Times Decoupage by Rebecca Brindley
  2. Diamond Top : Lager Diamond Top by Diana Hutchinson
  3. Rectangular Pyramid : Football Stadium Pyramid Sheet by Amy Cummings
  4. Twisted Pyramid : Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid by Sheila Rodgers
  5. Tri Fold : Friends out on the Town by Angela Wake

1Beautiful Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit  2Blue Butterfly Waterfall  3Aliens Easy Over the Edge n spiral pyramid  4Sunset Over City Side Stacker  5Pansy on Butterfly Lace Wavy Spiral Side Stacker

  1. DL Cards : Beautiful Vintage Fashion Lady DL Card Kit by Ammie Sanders
  2. Waterfall : Blue Butterfly Waterfall by Russ Smith
  3. Easy Over The Edge : Aliens Easy Over the Edge n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke
  4. Side Stacker : Sunset Over City Side Stacker by Sarah Edwards
  5. Wavy Spiral Side Stacker : Pansy on Butterfly Lace Wavy Spiral Side Stacker by Carol Clarke

The first, decoupage, design is the most intricate to cut out of these cards, all the rest were easy to cut.

And those are not the lot so I’ll do another blog post in a few days time with some more types.

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.