Happy Christmas Everybody

It’s Christmas Day Tomorrow.

As you tuck into your celebration dinner spare a thought for who’s birthday is being celebrated.  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of a little baby called Jesus who was born in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago in a less than ideal location.  Also spare a thought for those little babies been born now in less than ideal situations.

A Christmas Birth With Card Front

 A Christmas Birth With Card Front by Diane Furniss

As you open your presents remember those who traveled far, without modern transportation, to bring gifts to the special baby.

THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD    Christmas Kings

THREE KINGS semi EASEL CARD by Clive Couter and Christmas Kings by Allison Finegan

There can not really be any better reason to celebrate than to celebrate the birth of one so special, the son of God.

I hope all who read this little blog of mine have a very Happy Christmas!


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