Different Card Types 4

I’ve previous made three blog posts highlighting some of the different card types I’d made using design sheets bought from craftsUprint.

Previously I’ve highlighted the following types – Teardrop; Book Sheet; Inverted Tunnel; Corner Wavy side stacker (1 corner); Corner stacker (4 corners); Circular Pyramid; Print/Cut/Fold; Toppers; Gatefold; Topper with backing panel – which can be seen by clicking -> here – and – Decoupage; Diamond Top; Rectangular Pyramid; Twisted Pyramid; Tri Fold; DL Cards; Waterfall; Easy Over The Edge; Side Stacker; Wavy Spiral Side Stacker – which can be seen by clicking -> here – and – Shaker; Star Pyramid; Intertwined Pyramid; Wavy Side Stacker; Twisted Spiral Side Stacker; Fold Back; No-Hole Fold Back; Wobble Card; Cascade; Easel – which can be seen by clicking -> here.

Here are a few more card types for you to consider making:

1Sporty Car Card Front  2Tea cup tot quick card front  3Cartoon Astronaut 2 quick card front with decoupage  4Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front  5Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet

  1. A5 Card Front with Pyramid : Sporty Car Card Front by Amy Cummings
  2. A5 Card Front with Square Topper : Tea cup tot quick card front by Sharon Poore
  3. A5 Card Front with Decoupage : Cartoon Astronaut 2 quick card front with decoupage by Michelle Johnson
  4. A6 Card Front with Teabag Folding : Starfish Teabag Tiles and A6 Card Front by Sarah Edwards
  5. Cutaway Card : Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 1 and Daffodil Cutaway Card Sheet 2 by Sarah Edwards

1Duck Iris Folding Pattern  2Octagonal Flower Window  3Blue Roses Theatre-fold Card for Anniversary/Birthday  4Mountains Castle Card SHEET  5Panelled Orangutan

  1. Iris Folding : Duck Iris Folding Pattern by Margaret Jones
  2. Octagon Shaped Card : Octagonal Flower Window by Hazel Kinvig-Paul
  3. Theatre Fold : Blue Roses Theatre-fold Card for Anniversary/Birthday by Valerie Dawes
  4. Castle Card : Mountains Castle Card SHEET 1 and Mountains Castle Card SHEET 2 by Sarah Edwards
  5. Panelled : Panelled Orangutan by Sheila Rodgers

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.