CUP Designer – Rebecca Brindley (2nd Post)

Since I wrote my first blog post highlighting cards I’d made using design sheets created by the designer Rebecca Brindley I’ve now passed the 20 sheet mark, including backing sheets and inserts, that I’ve used to make cards.  I therefore thought it was an opportune moment to look through my cards and select another ten sheets to highlight.

You will notice that some of these are matching backing, inserts or toppers to go with some sheets I highlighted in my first post of this designer’s work.  Keep an eye out on CUP for toppers that have matching inserts and backing papers as buying all the sheets means that you can be sure of making a co-ordinated card.  And don’t just think of only putting inserts inside cards, they can also be used as wraps or backing paper on the outside of cards.  Have fun with your cardmaking.

Click on the card image to see a larger version of the image.

Click on the  sheet title below to see the design sheet used in each case.

1Peaceful Times Backing Paper 2  2Peaceful Times Gatefold Insert  3Red Begonia Backing sheet 2  4Lady of the Lake backing Paper 1  5Love Bear Gatefold Insert

  1. Peaceful Times Backing Paper 2
  2. Peaceful Times Gatefold Insert
  3. Red Begonia Backing sheet 2
  4. Lady of the Lake backing Paper 1
  5. Love Bear Gatefold Insert

1Party Night Insert  2Purple Flutterby Blossoms Insert  3Purple Flutterby Blossoms Toppers  4Party Night Backing Paper 2  5Love Bear Backing Sheet 2

  1. Party Night Insert
  2. Purple Flutterby Blossoms Insert
  3. Purple Flutterby Blossoms Toppers
  4. Party Night Backing Paper 2
  5. Love Bear Backing Sheet 2

Most of these examples were easy to cut out and make, mostly straight cutting although a few had a bit more intricate cutting out, such as curring around individual flours and butterflies (but these can be left off the toppers if too difficult for a person with dexterity problems).  They are just a small example the cards I’ve made using this designer’s design sheets.

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