CUP Designer – Deborah Davies (2nd Post)

Since I wrote my first blog post highlighting cards I’d made using design sheets created by the designer Deborah Davies I’ve now reached the 25 sheet mark of her designs that I’ve used to make cards.  I therefore thought it was an opportune moment to look through my cards and select another ten sheets to highlight.

Click on the card image to see a larger version of the image.
Click on the  sheet title below to see the design sheet used in each case.

1Celebration Diamond Top Card  2Floral Delight Pyramage  3Dad’s King Of His Castle  4Were’s My Lippy?  5Sympathy Cross

  1. Celebration Diamond Top Card
  2. Floral Delight Pyramage
  3. Dad’s King Of His Castle
  4. Were’s My Lippy?
  5. Sympathy Cross

1Floral Diamond  2Teacher Card  3Sunset Wedding Pyramage  410 Pin Bowling Step by Step  5Cool Kid Step By Step

  1. Floral Diamond
  2. Teacher Card
  3. Sunset Wedding Pyramage
  4. 10 Pin Bowling Step by Step
  5. Cool Kid Step By Step

Although not the most intricate of decoupage to cut out, some of these do come under my heading of “leave for a good day” as there is some cutting out of individual elements involved in most of them.  I’m sure they wouldn’t be any problem to those card makers amongst you who have no dexterity problem issues.  And even some of those with some dexterity issues would have no problems as many, such as the bear and “cool kid” are quite “chunky” designs to cut out.  Click through on the list of links given to see what I mean by looking at the design sheets themselves.

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They are just a small example the cards I’ve made using this designer’s design sheets.
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