Some Items I’ve Made So Far In 2011

With several family members having brithday’s early during this year some of the cards and other items I’ve been making since the 1st of the year have been with these birthdays in mind.

1Gold Damask Backing  2Ladybugs & leaf Clovers gifts/money wallet  3Lilac spot and flower money/voucher wallet  4Elegant Gift Parcel Lottery Wallet Card  5Purple Cross

  1. Gold Damask Backing by Russ Smith (These little boxes, which are suitable for chocolates or jewellery and many other little items can be made in sizes to suit your gift and are easy to make.)
  2. Ladybugs & leaf Clovers gifts/money wallet by Janet Chen Curtis (The wallet itself is easy to cut out and make up.  There are other little elements that can be cut out to decoupage on for decorations.  I just cut around the ladybird body, chopping off the antennae and legs, rounded the body and stuck on over the ones on the wallet.)
  3. Lilac spot and flower money/voucher wallet by Sharon Poore  (An easy to cut out and make wallet that makes a little gift of money, vouchers, earrings, etc., a special gift.)
  4. Elegant Gift Parcel Lottery Wallet Card by Carol Clarke (A quick and easy way to make a gift of a lottery ticket or scratchcard into something special.)
  5. Purple Cross by Silvia Griffin (A few wavy in and out bits on the top and bottom of the frame but the layers are all oval and therefore easy to cut out.)

1Pink and white Azalea 2 Corner Stacker  2Polka Dots Handbag Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 2  3Magical Floral 2 Corner Stacker  4Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Daffodil  5Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Contented Cat

  1. Pink and white Azalea 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (The rounded corner stackers are easy to cut out so this is a quick to make card.)
  2. Polka Dots Handbag Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 2 by Carol Clarke (This is an easy to cut and make box that fits inside the matching handbag shape Shaped Treat or Favour Box sheet 1.)
  3. Magical Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (This is another corner stacker that’s easy to cut out and make.  I added glitter dotted around this one for a little sparkle.)
  4. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Daffodil by Judith Flavel (All cutting out round layers for this design which fits great on a 6″ square card.)
  5. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Contented Cat by Judith Flavel (Like the daffodil card above this is an easy card to make and is sure to be a hit with lovers of our feline friends.)

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.