Cards Of The Moment

As I’m writing this, at half past seven in the evening of the 24th of January, I have more than one item chosen as “Cards of the Moment” on craftsUprint.  Thank you very much to the designers concerned.

For those of you who don’t know what “Cards of the Moment” are – it is a chance for designers of sheets, backgrounds, inserts, kits, etc., on craftsUprint to choose one image at a time to highlight, from those items made using their designs which a Registered Card Maker such as myself has uploaded to go on the same page as the designs.

These are my items chosen at the moment (of course, by the time you read this, some of the designers may have changed their “Card of the Moment”, so I’ll give details of the card and design as well as the designer beneath the photos.)

1Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Contented Cat  2Almost jewels 30  3Flutter By Butterfly - Cut & Fold Over The Side Card

  1. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Contented Cat by Judith Flavel (An easy to cut out pyramid design of a very contented looking cat.  I simply used a corner punch with some glitter card behind as embellishment for the card.  If you check out my “Card Maker’s Area” on CUP – link below – you’ll see I’ve made several of these Circular Easy-position Pyramids.)
  2. Almost jewels 30 by Astrid Spijkers (I used this backing sheet printed onto 300gsm card to make a simple, open topped gift or bonbon box.  I wish the photo did justice to the sheen on the design when printed onto the Centura Pearl card.  It looks fantastic.)
  3. Flutter By Butterfly – Cut & Fold Over The Side Card by Elaine Sheldrake (Bit more of a fiddle co cut around the butterfly design on this card, but it wouldn’t be a problem for most people who don’t have dexterity problems.  I just loved the blue colour of the butterflies on this card.)

You can the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)