Six Months Of Blogging – 27-7-10 to 27-1-11

I was just looking back the other day, to see when my blog post had included a certain card, and I realised that it’s now been six months since I first put finger to keyboard to set up and start this blog, with my first posts being made on the 27th July last year.  So this post is by nature a bit of a review of some of the posts I’ve made during the six months.

During that time I must have put pictures of several hundred card, and other paper crafting items that I’ve made, up here for all to see.  Here are just a few of them:

Diamond Cross   Wild Horse  Gorgeous Floral Display Panel Card Hot Air Balloon Pyramid Sheet   Pamper Yourself Twisted Pyramid
(have a look through my previous blog posts for details of these cards or look in my Card Maker’s Area on CUP – link below)

When I first started writing I didn’t know whether anybody at all would ever read it, and admittedly very few genuine comments have been left under my blog posts (though I’ve had to delete a lot of Spam, that had nothing to do with my posts, rather than let them through moderation), but from comments I’ve received, and things said on social networking and forum sites, I know that this blog does have a small number of readers.

I try to put notes, somewhere in each post, that will tell the reader which of the highlighted cards are the easiest to make and if any have bits that I found harder or more fiddly to cut, but of course the ones that were easiest to cut were those where I’d used my CraftROBO to do any intricate cutting, so obviously Craft Robo designs have featured in several of my posts.

I’ve also made a mini-series of posts on Different Card Types : One, Two, Three, & Four.

The longest running series I’ve made, which is still ongoing, are posts where I highlight the items I’ve made using one specific designers sheets each time.  So far I’ve made posts on my items made using the following designer’s work:

(You will notice that some of the posts appear in both my CraftROBO list and my designer’s list because I’ve made predominantly CraftROBO designs from that one specific Designer’s design.)

Of course, there have been other posts.  Some highlighting newer cards I’ve just put up. Some highlighting cards I’ve made that have had the honour of being chosen as “Card of the Moment” by the designer who’s designs I used.  Some just general mentions of other things, such as discount codes, that have been going on on CUP.

 I’ve already got ideas for a further half a dozen posts that I’ve started or are milling in my head, and I’ve no doubt I’ll have thought of something else to say by the time those posts are finished and posted.  So please add my blog to your favourites/bookmarks list and come back often to have a look at the latest.

 Pink Rose & Pearl Pyramage  Tiger Pyramid Book or Card Stand  LILY FAN CARD - Birthday and Mothers Day  Wild West Print and CUT

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)