craftsUprint : Discount Code, Bingo, Crafty Bob Hiding, etc


craftsUprint LogoIf you’ve not come across CUP before – where have you been? is a website where papercrafters can buy designs that they can then legally use make into cards and other crafting projects, and even sell those projects on in most cases. With around 150 designers there’s a wide range of designs available, which is great if you are looking for just a few sheets without having to buy a full CD of the same type of stuff. I’ve been buying from CUP for a while now and have lots of fun crafting with what I’ve bought when I’m feeling up to being creative.


Would you believe it, but a discount code has just been announced that gives customers 20% off orders from craftsUprint for the rest of this month.  If you are a regular customer who’s put their name on the CUP mailing list you’ve probably already got it, but just in case:

Type – CRAFTER – into the – REDEEM VOUCHER: – box on the “Your Shopping Basket” that comes up when you click “View Cart” from any page.
Then click the – Update Basket – button before checking out the items you’ve chosen.

It’s a great time to become a craftsUprint customer now, even if you’ve never been one before.

Here are just a small number of the of cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP:

Flutter By Butterfly - Cut & Fold Over The Side Card Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage   Circular Easy-position Pyramid - WaratahPurple Cross  Pretty Blue/Black Ladies Accessories

You can see these, and many more, on display in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)
Each image in the gallery links to the page of the design sheet I used, so anything you like, you too can buy.


Crafty Bobs Bingo LogoCrafty Bob’s Bingo has just started Game 31 today so it’s an excellent time to get your Bingo Card, if you haven’t already got one, and to start playing along.  I’ve not been lucky myself – yet!  But who knows who’ll get the two prizes for this game.  It could be me – it could be You! (if you play the game).




Find Crafty Bob LogoCrafty Bob has been hiding for a while now and the The Bobpot has passed the £180 mark.  He sometimes gives clues to his location, but he hasn’t so far since he went into hiding this time.  I’ve got to admit that even when he gives clues I only sort of get them and therefore, even when I do have the odd half an hour looking (which hasn’t been often the last few times he’s hidden I have to admit), I’m never looking in quite the right place.  See if you can do any better than me!  Somebody’s got to win, sooner or later – the later he’s found the bigger The Bobpot will be.



There’s even a forum run in association with craftsUprint. is a great place to chat about cardmaking, ask questions about techniques or the best CraftROBO or Printer to use, etc., and even discuss the weather.  With members from all around the world you can practically guarantee that somebody will be around whatever the time, day or night, where ever you are.  If you are not already a member, why don’t you come and join us.  I’ve found it a very friendly place.  There’s even a section called “CUP TV” where you can go and view short YouTube clips where designers demonstrate how to make cards with some of their designs.