Further Items I’ve Made In 2011

In between some days of bad pains I’ve had other days where the pain has been less severe when I’ve been able to get on with a bit of card-making.

1Magical Gerberas 2 Corner Stacker  2Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Gerbera  3Circular Easy-position Pyramid - Waratah  4Circular Easy-position Pyramid - White Rosebud  5Red flowers card front pyramid

  1. Magical Gerberas 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (The rounded corner stackers are easy to cut out which makes this a quick and easy card to make.  This one has stunning colours.)
  2. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Gerbera by Judith Flavel (These easy-position pyramids are both easy to cut out and easy to line up.)
  3. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – Waratah by Judith Flavel (Another easy-position pyramid.  I’ve found that if you use only 1mm deep foam to stick on the layers, and only use every other layer, you get a pyramid that looks many layered but which will go through UK post on a standard stamp.)
  4. Circular Easy-position Pyramid – White Rosebud by Judith Flavel (I think that this image would be great on a wedding card.  As for the previous two cards it’s easy to make.)
  5. Red flowers card front pyramid by Eva Cano (This is a lovely oblong card front with a circular pyramid, therefore it is easy to cut out and simple to make.)

1Orange Gatefold Topper  2Daisies and Lace Lottery Wallet Card  3Fancy Octagon Shaped Blank Card 7  4“Feather Butterfly” Fancy Octagon Shaped Card 6  5Misty Day Pyramid.

  1. Orange Gatefold Topper by Sheila Wilks (Straight cutting with little invert rounded corners required for this card so it’san easy one to make.)
  2. Daisies and Lace Lottery Wallet Card by Carol Clarke (Another of Carole’s easy to make wallet to make the giving of a lottery ticket or scratchcard more of a gift.  This time I did cut out a flower and bow to decoupage on and these little elements were more tricky than the main wallet to cut, but could be left off if you wanted.)
  3. Fancy Octagon Shaped Blank Card 7 by Anna Babajanyan (Straight cutting only for this card blank.  I sprayed the whole card face with iridescent glitter spray before simply decorating with two peel-offs.  How quick and easy was that!)
  4. “Feather Butterfly” Fancy Octagon Shaped Card 6 by Anna Babajanyan (Same shape and style as the previous card blank, but this time pre-decorated with a butterfly.  Quick and easy card to make that can be further embellished with gems as I’ve done, or whatever you feel like.)
  5. Misty Day Pyramid. by June Harrop (As with all oblong pyramids this is easy to cut out and put together.  I kept this card simple, with just a narrow border peel-off to frame the image, but you could mat and layer and add further embellishment if you wished.)

You can see more of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.