CUP Designer – Liz Harrison

Today I’ve decided to highlight some of the cards I’ve made using sheets put up on CUP by the designer Liz Harrison. I’ve made cards with several of her designs and have picked five cards featuring animals and insects to show off this time.

1Sheep & Lamb pyramid  2Bee flower pyramid  3Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage  4Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background  5Westie1 pyramid with background

  1. Sheep & Lamb pyramid (Straight edges only to cut for the pyramid and paper ribbon element of footprints. If I remember rightly I only used five of the layers provided to make up this card.)
  2. Bee flower pyramid (While still only straight cutting, this pyramid requires a bit more work because of the nature of the “star” shaped layers.  It does however produce a stunning result.)
  3. Meerkat Mum & Babies 3D decoupage (This is a decoupage card and therefore has shaped cutting, but if you click through to see the design sheet I used, and look carefully round the outline of the shapes, you will see that most of it is quite easy cutting with very little intricate ins and outs.)
  4. Chimpanzee 3D decoupage with background (Another wild animal decoupage with reasonably easy shapes to cut out.  This time there’s a backing element on the sheet as well.)
  5. Westie1 pyramid with background (Another sheet with both background and paper ribbon elements but, this time, with a simple to cut, straight edged, pyramid.)

You can see this designer’s design sheets by clicking – here
(She’s got over 1200 items listed.)

You can some of the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP by clicking – here – then scroll down past the top box to see the cards.