Valentine’s Day Cards

February has arrived and the main event as far as card making is concerned is Saint Valentine’s Day – any of you know anything of the history behind the day and who St. Valentine was?  In reality there is such a long period of time since St. Valentine lived (and it seems that there were actually more than one St. Valentine but that the day is in honour of the one who was martyred in Rome) that the true series of events can never be known.  But you can read one version by clicking -> here.

One thing is certain – it has become a tradition to give cards to loved ones on Saint Valentine’s Day as a token of affection.  Got your card ready?

So do you say “I Love You” with a heart or flowers, or chocolate, or a cute or funny card?  The choice of designs available to you on CUP is very wide indeed.  So if you haven’t already finished making your Valentine’s Cards just take a look at some of the suggestions below.

1Magical Floral 2 Corner Stacker  2RED ROSES & LACE Pyramids  3Love Bear Backing Sheet 2  4Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid  5Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid

  1. Magical Floral 2 Corner Stacker by Ammie Sanders (Although not listed for Valentine’s Day on CUP I think this design would make a lovely card to tell somebody you love them.  It’s easy to cut out and a suitable peel-off greeting or a greetings panel could easily be included towards the bottom left.  It could also be made into a larger card with a lacy border, or have more glitter added than I used.  The possibilities are endless.)
  2.  RED ROSES & LACE Pyramids by Nick Bowley (Will you be sending or receiving some Red Roses on Valentine’s Day?  This lovely image of roses and lace would make a great Valentines Card.)
  3. Love Bear Pyramid by Rebecca Brindley (In addition to using the Love Bear Pyramid sheet I used the matching Gatefold Insert and Backing Sheet to make this card.  I made it with only a little purple glitter gel pen to highlight some areas but you could really go to town with lace and bling if you wanted to.)
  4. Robert’s Flowers Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (This cute little bear presenting flowers to a loved one would make a great little quick Valentines Card.)
  5. Enamel Heart Easy Over the Edge Card n spiral pyramid by Carol Clarke (If you want a heart on your Valentines Card then this is just the one for you.  Quick and easy to make but really stunning.)

1Chocolates on Chocolate Card  2Roses Are Red  3Roses for a friend  4Red Rose Pyramid Star Sheet  5Gold Damask Backing

  1. Chocolates on Chocolate Card by Helen Williams (If you’re giving somebody chocolates for Valentine’s Day then why not make a card to match. The design sheet comes with a blank greetings panel that you could put any greetings you like on.  You could even add a heart charm where I’ve placed the half eaten chocolate at the bottom right.)
  2. Roses Are Red by Deborah Davies (Do people still send cards with the old poem “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, And so are You!” on Valentine’s Day? This would be a great design to use in a card with a sentiment like that.)
  3. Roses for a friend by Sally McIntyre (Perhaps the big bunch of roses being given are not red ones.  If not then perhaps this card would go better with the gift.  This is another image that could be used to make a more elaborate card with a lacy border around and perhaps faux pearls used as well.)
  4. Red Rose Pyramid Star Sheet by Sarah Edwards (Don’t forget that, in addition to a card, it’s nice to put a little tag card attached to your gift.  This single red rose pyramid can be quickly used to make an unique gift tag.)
  5. Gold Damask Backing by Russ Smith (And if your gift is just a token gift you want to make look special, or is a special gift you want to present nicely, why don’t you use some of the backing sheets off CUP printed onto card to make your own box to put your gift in?)

I’ve purposely chosen all these design sheets for easy of cutting.  They are all rounded or straight cutting with no really intricate bits, which means that you can concentrate on making and embellishing a stunning finished card without worrying about bad cutting impairing on the effect.

You can see the cards I’ve made using design sheets from CUP in my “Card Maker’s Area” on – here
(Just scroll down past the top box to see the cards.)